Anne Robinson Biography

Anne Robinson (Anne Josephine Robinson) was born on 26th September 1944 in Crosby, United Kingdom. She is English television presenter and journalist.

Anne Robinson Age

  • She was born on 26th September 1944 ( 73 years as at 2017)

Anne Robinson Net Worth

  • Her net worth was estimated at $45 million (as at 2015)

Anne Robinson Career

In 1967 she wwas a trainee on the Daily Mail. Robinson secured a permanent position as a result of scooping the details of the story of Brian Epstein’s death from being a family friend of the Liverpool solicitor handling the legalities, offering him a ride to Euston railway station when he could not find an available taxi.

She joined ‘The Sunday Times’ after being sacked from the ‘Daily Mail’ from her marriage to Charles Wilson. In December 1978 she resigned from ‘The Sunday Times’ and later began working for the ‘Liverpool Echo’.

Robinson returned to Fleet Street in 1980, working as columnist and Assistant Editor of the Daily Mirror from the week that the Falklands War started. She also wrote a column under the pseudonym of the “Wednesday Witch”, in which she developed her vitriolic style. During her career as a newspaper journalist, she developed a flair for writing tabloid headlines.

She was removed from the editorial rota after she wrote an article on Diana, Princess of Wales eating disorder.

In 1982 she began appearing on BBC television initially as an occasional panellist on Question Time and presenting her ‘TV Choice’ on Breakfast Time From 1986, she began sitting in for regular presenter Barry Took on television viewers’ show Points of View, taking over permanently in 1988 for 11 years. In 1993, she took over the presentation and writing of the consumer affairs television programme Watchdog.

Robinson is best known in the UK for hosting the game show The Weakest Link, and in the United States its NBC primetime counterpart, Weakest Link. She originally started with an icy, mysterious appearance and persona, remaining indifferent to funny and friendly moments throughout; however, that toned down much over the years, with her often smiling and on occasion laughing, especially on the celebrity episodes. Her use of insults, caustic remarks and personal questions fiercely directed at contestants became famous. Her blunt utterance “You are the weakest link – goodbye!” became a catchphrase soon after the show started in 2000.

Anne Robinson TV Shows

  • Since 2002: Outtake TV
  • Since 2002: Test the Nation
  • 2000 – 2012: Weakest Link
  • Since 1985: Watchdog
  • Since 1961: Points of View
  • Since 2003: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (UK)

Anne Robinson Daughter

She has a daughter by the name Emma Wilson who was born in 1970, she is a radio disc jockey and has also hosted Scaredy Camp, a game show in the USA on the Nickelodeon network. When Emma was just 2 he lost custody of her daughter after divorce with her then husband Charles Wilson. The judge ruled her as an unfit mother.

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