Elvis Costello Biography

Elvis Costello (Declan Patrick MacManus) was born on 25th August 1954 in Paddington, London, United Kingdom. He is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

Elvis Costello Education Background

He attended Archbishop Myers R.C. School, which is now St Mark’s Catholic Secondary School, in neighbouring Hounslow.He attended secondary school at St. Francis Xavier’s College

Elvis Costello Career

Elvis Costello first broadcast recording was with his father in a television commercial for R. White’s Lemonade (“I’m a Secret Lemonade Drinker”). His father wrote and sang the song; Costello provided backing vocals. The advertisement won a silver award at the 1974 International Advertising Festival.

In 1971 he moved to Birkenhead, Cheshire with his mother and he formed his first band, a folk duo called Rusty, with Allan Mayes. After he completed secondary school he moved back to London where he next formed a band called Flip City.

On 25th March 1977 he released his first single for Stiff was “Less Than Zero”. Four months later he released his début album, ‘My Aim Is True’.

Elvis Costello Albums

Studio albums by Elvis Costello

  1. My Aim Is True (1977)
  2. This Year’s Model (1978)
  3. Armed Forces (1979)
  4. Get Happy!! (1980)
  5. Trust (1981)
  6. Almost Blue (1981)
  7. Imperial Bedroom (1982)
  8. Punch the Clock (1983)
  9. Goodbye Cruel World (1984)
  10. King of America (1986)
  11. Blood & Chocolate (1986)
  12. Spike (1989)
  13. Mighty Like a Rose (1991)
  14. The Juliet Letters (1993)
  15. Brutal Youth (1994)
  16. Kojak Variety (1995)
  17. All This Useless Beauty (1996)
  18. When I Was Cruel (2002)
  19. North (2003)
  20. Il Sogno (2004)
  21. The Delivery Man (2004)
  22. Momofuku (2008)
  23. Secret, Profane & Sugarcane (2009)
  24. National Ransom (2010)

Collaborative albums

  1. G.B.H. (1991, with Richard Harvey)
  2. Jake’s Progress (1995, with Richard Harvey)
  3. Deep Dead Blue (1995, with Bill Frisell)
  4. Painted from Memory (1998, with Burt Bacharach)
  5. Piano Jazz (2005, with Marian McPartland)
  6. The River in Reverse (2006, with Allen Toussaint)
  7. Wise Up Ghost (2013, with the Roots)

Elvis Costello Songs

  • She
  • Watching the Detectives
  • Pump It Up
  • Oliver’s Army
  • I Want You
  • Peace, Love & Understanding
  • Every Day I Write the Book
  • Alison
  • Chelsea
  • Accidents Will Happen
  • The Other Side of Summer
  • Lipstick Vogue
  • London’s Brilliant Parade
  • Less Than Zero
  • I Can’t Stand Up
  • Radio, Radio
  • Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
  • Veronica
  • Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 4
  • How to Be Dumb
  • American Without Tears
  • So Like Candy
  • No Dancing
  • This House Is Empty Now
  • Hoover Factory
  • Indoor Fireworks
  • In the Darkest Place
  • When I Was Cruel No. 2
  • Baby Plays Around
  • Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further
  • God Give Me Strength
  • A Good Year for the Roses

Elvis Costello Filmography

  1. 1979 film debut as “The Earl of Manchester” in Americathon
  2. 1984 as “Henry Scully” in the UK TV series, Scully
  3. 1984 as “Stone Deaf A&R Man” in The Bullshitters, a movie made by members of the comedy troupe TheComic Strip, first aired on Channel 4.
  4. 1985 as inept magician “Rosco de Ville” in the Alan Bleasdale film, No Surrender
  5. 1987 as “Hives the Butler” in the Alex Cox film, Straight to Hell, starring Joe Strummer and Courtney Love
  6. 1994 as himself on The Larry Sanders Show in the episode “People’s Choice”
  7. 1997 as a barman in Spice World.
  8. 1999 as himself performing “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” with Burt Bacharach in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  9. 1999 as a younger version of himself in 200 Cigarettes
  10. 2001 as himself performing “Fly Me to the Moon” on the series finale of 3rd Rock from the Sun
  11. 2002 as himself on the episode “How I Spent My Strummer Vacation” of The Simpsons
  12. 2003 as Ben on Frasier, in the season 10 episode “Farewell Nervosa”.
  13. 2003 as himself in I Love Your Work
  14. 2004 as himself in the UK TV Dead Ringers New Year Special, apparently and reportedly having serendipitously entered a filming venue
  15. 2004 as himself in Two and a Half Men – Season 2, Episode 1
  16. 2004 as himself in De-Lovely
  17. 2006 as himself in Delirious
  18. 2006 as himself in “Before The Music Dies”
  19. 2006 as himself in “Putting the River in Reverse”
  20. 2006 as himself in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  21. 2008 as himself in “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!”
  22. 2009 as himself on the episode of 30 Rock, “Kidney Now!”

Elvis Costello Humanitarian Cause

In 2011 Elvis Costello started working with the Jazz Foundation sitting on the Advisory Board of the Board of Directors.He has been a featured performer in their annual benefit A Great Night in Harlem since 2006. Costello has donated his time working with the Jazz Foundation of America to save the homes and the lives of America’s elderly jazz and blues musicians, including musicians who survived Hurricane Katrina. He has also performed at a benefit concert for the Seva Foundation.


Elvis Costello Wife

Elvis Costello married his first wife,Mary Burgoyne,in 1974 and they had a son, Matthew.By the end of his marriage he was involved with Bebe Buell. Buell has said she was the inspiration behind some of Costello’s most bitter love songs from the Armed Forces era, though Costello countered by claiming most of those songs had been written before he ever met Buell.

In 1985 he was involved with Cait O’Riordan and they got married in 1986 but they split up by the end of 2002.

In May 2003 Elvis Costello became engaged to piano-vocalist Diana Krall and married her on 6th December 2003. On 6th December 2006 she gave birth to twin sons, Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James.

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