Faye Brookes Biography

Faye Brookes (Faye Alicia Brookes) was born on 3rd September 1987 in Manchester, United Kingdom. She is an actress popularly known for her role as Kate Connor in Coronation Street.

She came to soap bosses attention in 2014 when she played Frankie in the BBC One drama Our Zoo. A year later she landed her role in Corrie in 2015 after it was announced that the Connor family, which first appeared on the soap in 2006, was being extended.

Making her first appearance in October that year, Kate Connor is the sister of Aidan, played by X Factor winner Shayne Ward, and has shared a kiss with Sally Webster’s daughter Sophie.

Former holiday rep Kate, who currently works at the Weatherfield bistro, is a lesbian and Faye has been very strident about the fact the character would not be paired up with a man because she “knows who she is”. Kate’s relationship with fiancee Caz Hammond broke down as a result of her smooch with Sophie, before she moved on to Imogen – and now she has kissed her best pal Rana Nazir.

The actress has taken the lead in a production of Legally Blonde, and played Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical on tour. Before landing her major TV roles she also had a small part in BBC adventure series Atlantis.

In December 2017, it was revealed that an explicit sex tape of Faye had been leaked online and viewed more than 100,000 times. The distraught Corrie star called in cops after hackers stole it from a phone and put it on one of the world’s largest adult sites.

Faye Brookes Coronation Street

Faye Brookes played Kate Connor in Coronation Street. She is Connor’s sister, who arrives with their father Johnny (Richard Hawley). Kate is “a vibrant young woman full of fun and mischief”. She was engaged to a soldier called Caz Hammond. At The National Television Awards 2017, Brookes won “Best Newcomer” for her portrayal of Kate.

Kate turns up at the factory along with father Johnny. Johnny reveals that Aidan had stolen his money to buy into the factory, with Kate bemoaning her brother for thinking that he would get away with it. Kate shows her cousin Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) her engagement ring. Johnny insists on getting his money back so that he can give Kate the wedding she deserves. Kate is unimpressed when she is told to work in packing with Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment), while Aidan works in the office with Johnny and Carla Connor (Alison King). She jokingly flirts with Kirk in an attempt to frustrate his wife Beth (Lisa George), which leads to a physical fight between the two women. Kate later apologises to Beth and reveals that she is a lesbian, which Beth is secretly relieved about. Caz comes to the street for a while.

Faye Brookes Age

She was born on 3rd September 1987 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Faye Brookes Boyfriend

Faye and Gareth Gates met in 2012 when they starred in Legally Blonde: The Musical together. They began their relationship despite Gareth being a married man with a kid which led to his divorce with his wife. Now the pair have said they plan to get married and have children soon.


Faye Brookes
Faye Brookes

Faye Brookes Sister

Faye Brookes is best-known for her role as Kate Connor in Coronation Street. Kate Connor is the sister of Aidan, played by X Factor winner Shayne Ward.

Faye Brookes Height

Faye Brookes stands at 5’4″.

Faye Brookes Filmography

  • 2014: Our Zoo
  • Since 2015: Coronation Street.

Faye Brookes Interview on Kate and Rana

Source: http://www.itv.com

Why does Kate tell Rana that she is moving to Spain?

Faye Brookes: Kate wants to get a reaction out of Rana so she decides that if she takes the candy away and leaves her with nothing then maybe Rana will tell her how she truly feels because Rana keeps putting the ball in Kate’s court. It’s way too much pressure on Kate so this is her way of turning the tables.

How does Rana react?

Faye Brookes: Rana doesn’t bat an eyelid and that frustrates Kate. Kate doesn’t get the reaction that she wanted and it leads Kate to think that this could ruin their relationship as well as their friendship and their friendship is the one thing that Kate wants to hold on the most.

Tell us what happens when Kate breaks down to Luke.

Faye Brookes: Kate finally realises her true feelings and they are so powerful. She has never felt these feelings before about anyone and the fact that it is someone that she can’t have makes it even more of a struggle. She is left with this broken heart without even having the relationship and break-up; she’s broken hearted from the get-go.

How does Luke react?

Faye Brookes: Luke is the first person to see Kate vulnerable, she just breaks down. She tells him it all and to put that on Luke is awful… from an outside perspective I can’t believe Kate does that! But I am so glad that she finally has someone to talk to because she can’t even talk to her family. Poor Luke!

It seems like Kate and Rana can’t keep away from each other…

Faye Brookes: Weatherfield is a small place and Kate does work with Rana’s fiancè/husband/don’t know what’s going on there! Even just seeing each other across the road it’s like, “Oh gosh,” – it’s the chemistry! There is definitely something there and it makes it really juicy that Kate can’t have Rana – forbidden fruit.

After Kate comes to terms with her feelings, Zeedan sends Rana and Kate to attend a food fair on his behalf. What happens next?

Faye Brookes: The pair drive out to the food fair in Zeedan’s van and it breaks down. They are in the middle of nowhere and for the first time ever they give each other time to talk.

Rana opens up about the strict, regimented routine when she was growing up, that she can’t disappoint her family, she has to go by the book and live this happily ever after for her family’s sake. What’s really nice for Kate is that she sees Rana in a whole new light and it’s a good one, she realises that Rana has been dealing with so much.

It’s now made them a lot closer on a friendship level and maybe something more…

How does Kate feel when Rana makes these revelations?

Faye Brookes: She is relieved that it’s not just her that is struggling with the feelings and in a way she is feeling optimistic. It puts a question mark over whether something could happen now.

What was it like filming those scenes?

Faye Brookes: It’s definitely racy but we did it right and in a very sophisticated, artistic sort of way which I love. It’s filmed it in a really beautiful way but at the same time it is Coronation Street and it has to have that added drama. There is that element, the fact that they are not meant to be there and they are not meant to be alone, that electrifies that scene and makes it more intense so you never know if one thing is going to lead to another.

What’s it like filming with Bhavna Limbachia?

Faye Brookes: She’s a dream. We are both from the same work ethic which is to get the job done, to do it well and to respect the LGBT community. We both want the very best out of our characters so we are giving our all and we work really well with each other.

What has been the reaction from viewers, for example #Kana?

Faye Brookes: Kana is mental. I sit down to dinner and I can’t put my phone down because Twitter is crazy and that’s so nice because there is so much effort that goes into these episodes. When I see the fans have got every little moment that we have tried to create it’s so nice to be recognised by them. This was a massive risk for Coronation Street and for our characters but they are mad for Kana.

Were you surprised at the reaction from viewers?

Faye Brookes: I knew that people enjoyed certain Kate scenes with the likes of Shayne Ward, Kate’s brother, because they can see that we get on, they can see that naturally we always have a bit of banter which we bring to the screen and I love when the fans give their opinion about what they did and didn’t like. But there is so much love for Kate and Rana that this is the beginning of something amazing.

What do you hope that this storyline will achieve?

Faye Brookes: People are growing up now who aren’t comfortable in their own skin who don’t know whether they like boys or girls and it shouldn’t be taboo. I want this relationship to develop into something that is celebrated and helps the community to be celebrated and not to be perceived to be wrong because it’s not. I found a new respect and understanding in Rana’s character because this is going on all the time. I want to do the LGBT community justice because it should be celebrated, love is love.

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