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Gynecologists in UK

Services offered by Gynecologists in UK

  1. Colposcopy
  2. Contraceptive management
  3. Endometriosis
  4. Management of abnormal uterine bleeding
  5. Menopause and osteoporosis
  6. Minimally invasive surgery
  7. Pap smears
  8. Pediatric and adolescent gynecology
  9. Pelvic relaxation
  10. Premenstrual syndrome
  11. Psycho-sexual
  12. Sexually transmitted infections
  13. Ultrasonography
  14. Urinary incontinence
  15. Urogynecology
Gynecologists in UK

Gynecologists in UK

List of Gynecologists in UK

Dr Christian Barnick
Chris is a highly skilled and experienced clinician, performing both routine gynaecological services and more complex surgery. He specialises in endometriosis, fiboids, pelvic floor problems and all aspects of minimal access surgery. Chris is widely regarded as one of the top gynaecological surgeons in London with an impressive track record for elective caeserians. • 0207 0368821

Dr Alison Wright
Alison is very experienced and skilled gynaecologist and obstetrician offering informed choice in a sensitive and caring manner. The focus of her work is with supporting women with high risk pregnancies, including drug dependency and HIV, and women who have had previous difficult pregnancies. Her clinical specialities are in pelvic floor surgery and surgery for female incontinence. • 07540 128755

Gynecologic Cancer Team

  1. Andres R. Ayoob, MD
  2. Lauren A. Baldwin, MD
  3. Adrian A. Dawkins, MD
  4. Christopher P. DeSimone, MD
  5. Jonathan M. Feddock, MD
  6. Halemane S. Ganesh, MD
  7. James T. Lee, MD
  8. Rachel Ware Miller, MD
  9. Rashmi T. Nair, MD
  10. Joseph W. Owen, MD
  11. Dava W, Piecoro, MD
  12. Marcus E. Randall, MD, FACR, FASTRO
  13. Amber C. Silberman, DNP, APRN
  14. Frederick R. Ueland, MD
  15. John R. van Nagell Jr., MD
  16. Christine S. Adams, APRN, CNM
  17. Lauren S. Beaven, MD
  18. JoAnne B. Burris, APRN, CNM
  19. Melissa H. Courtney, APRN, CNM, WHNP
  20. Emily W. Cunningham, MD
  21. Kathryn P. Dillon, MD, NCMP
  22. Martha J. Feltner, APRN
  23. Corey B. Forester, MD
  24. Kate M. Harris, APRN, MSN
  25. Joseph R. Haynes, MD
  26. Wendy L. Jackson, MD
  27. Frank R. LaBarbera, MD
  28. Sharron L. Manuel, MD
  29. Miriam B. Marcum, MD
  30. Pamela R. Midboe-Penn, MD
  31. Dolores (Dee) J. Polito, APRN, CNM
  32. Laurian S. Roediger, MD
  33. Bryan K. Rone, MD
  34. Rachel M. Saunders, MD
  35. Fadel Shammout, MD
  36. Rebekah L. Stafford, MD
  37. Donna S. Thompson, APRN, MSN
  38. Rebecca M. Todd, MD, FACOG
  39. Morgan Tucker III, MD
  40. Frederick M. Zachman, MD
  41. Agatha S. Critchfield, MD
  42. Wendy F. Hansen, MD
  43. Nancy W. Hendrix, MD
  44. John M. O’Brien Jr., MD
  45. Karen S. Playforth, MD
  46. Jennifer L. Yates-Ballesteros, APRN
  47. Mark R. Hoffman, MD
  48. Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
  49. Wendy L. Jackson, MD