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Injection Moulding in UK

A comprehensive list of all Injection Moulding companies  in UK, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to Injection Moulding in Britain websites.

Thornflex Plastics

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

Thornflex Plastics is the result of over 40 years experience, combining tool-making, product engineering, and technology skills in the plastic & rubber injection mouldings industry.

Omtro Limited

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

Omtro specialise in innovative product design, engineering and and manufacturing solutions to develop truly groundbreaking products. Whether it’s a new design you are looking for, an improvement to an existing design or cost effective manufacturing.

Pentech Moulding Co Ltd

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

Founded in 1990 For over 27 years, Pentech Moulding have been providing plastic manufacturing service to UK & European customers. Plastic injection moulders, Pentech Moulding, can help whatever your requirements. Offering you a full range of plastic injection moulding services from design,cost effective prototyping and mould making to injection moulding and printing, assembly, as well as packaging your products if required.

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Category: Injection Moulding in UK

We design and injection mold high-quality, high-volume plastic packaging for major global brands throughout the world. Our purpose to ‘make good things better’ motivates us to deliver exceptional service within product design, plastic molding and distribution.

Roland Plastics

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

Roland Plastics has a long established reputation for quality and service. The company started out as Girdlestone Pumps in the 1960’s until it was bought by the Emerson family in the early 1970’s. The business was transformed to become well known for its dedication to quality and outstanding customer service.

Penhale Quantock

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

Here at Penhale Quantock Ltd, we have been Injection Moulding for our customers since 1980. Our team of experts can help with your product design, tooling and moulding requirements.  For more information about our plastic moulding capabilities.

RG Engineering Ltd

Established in 1978, we have developed considerable expertise in precision engineering skills supplying items such as fixtures and gauges for a number of industry sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Robotics and Machine Tool.

White Horse Plastics Ltd

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

White Horse Plastics specialises in the development and production of tight tolerance technical injection mouldings and sub assemblies, using materials ranging from typical commodity polymers through ABS and TPEs, nylons, acetals and polycarbonates, to the exotics.

Paul Norman Plastics Ltd

Category: Injection Moulding in UK

PNP are UK leading plastic injection moulders specialising in providing plastic injection moulding solutions to a wide range of industries, from aerospace and electronics right through to education, sport and retail. Since 1983 Paul Norman Plastics Limited has grown from strength to strength from its plastic moulding’s factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire.


Hymid Multi Shot Ltd

Our engineers have many years experience in plastic moulding and mould tooling: through working with you at the early stage of the product design process, we can optimise your new moulded products through our detailed ‘design for manufacture’ analysis.

Injection Moulding companies  in UK

  1. Toolcraft Plastics (Swindon) Ltd
  2. RotoMoulding UK
  3. Adreco Ltd
  4. Premier Plastic Parts
  5. BSA Mouldings
  6. Chess Plastics
  7. AAV Plastics Ltd
  8. Biplas Medical Ltd
  9. Merit Plastic Mouldings Ltd
  10. Certwood Ltd
  11. Stephens Plastic Injection Moulding
  12. Acorn Mouldings Ltd
  13. Penatube Ltd
  14. Capri Mouldings Limited
  15. Brother Moulding Division UK
  16. Manuplastics Ltd
  17. ENL Ltd
  18. Cotsworld Plastics Ltd
  19. AJKM Ltd
  20. Omega Plastics
  21. Robert P D Frost and Co Ltd
  22. Amco Products
  23. J G Coates (Burnley) Ltd
  24. Mel Aviation Ltd
  25. Hi-Technology Group
  26. Lee Taylor Plastics Ltd
  27. Amey Plastics Ltd
  28. Gap Plastics Ltd
  29. Modern Moulds Associates Ltd
  30. EFI Systems
  31. RMG Design
  32. Beavin Engineering Ltd
  33. LMA Services Ltd
  34. Microtec Plastic Products Ltd
  35. Senior & Dickson Ltd
  36. HD Tooling Service
  37. Barkley Plastics Ltd
  38. A6 Mouldings Limited
  39. AV Injection
  40. Ableflow Ltd
  41. Home Supplies (Wessex) Ltd
  42. F. Phillips Mould Polishing
  43. Brushtec
  44. C and T Engineering Ltd
  45. Mannering (London) Ltd
  46. Liondell Limited
  47. Inoplas Technology
  48. Maxmag Moulded Magnets Ltd
  49. Darac Ltd
  50. Clifton Rubber
  51. Shaw Trust Industries
  52. Elastomer Engineering Ltd
  53. Techmould Ltd
  54. Warwickshire Precision Engineering
  55. Twin Tech Extrusion Ltd
  56. Coleshill Plastics Limited