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Insurance Companies in UK

A comprehensive list of all Insurance Companies in UK, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the Insurance Companies in Britain websites.

AA Underwriting Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

AA Underwriting Insurance Company Limited underwrites insurance policies in the non-life insurance sector. The company was formerly known as XL Insurance (Gibraltar) Limited and changed its name to AA Underwriting Insurance Company Limited in August 2015. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Gibraltar. As of August 18, 2015, AA Underwriting Insurance Company Limited operates as a subsidiary of AA plc.

Abbey Life Assurance Company Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

Abbey Life is authorised to carry on long-term insurance business in the UK. Although we have been closed to new retail business since February 2000, Abbey Life continues to accept increments and increases on existing policies, and new members to some existing occupational pension schemes. We also issue annuities in respect of holders of our pension policies at their retirement dates.

Aberdeen Asset Management Life and Pensions Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

Aberdeen Asset Management Life and Pensions Limited of United Kingdom operates as an investment management firm. The Company manages pension, retirement, health, and welfare funds. Aberdeen Asset Management Life and Pensions serves customers worldwide.

ACE Europe Life Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

ACE Europe Life Limited operates as a subsidiary of ACE Tempest Life Reinsurance Ltd.

ACE European Group Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

ACE European Group Ltd. provides general insurance and reinsurance products. The Company offers a range of property, casualty, auto, and health insurance services, as well as insurance products against various financial liabilities such as credit, crime and fidelity, employment practices, and fund management. ACE European Group extends its services throughout the world.

Admiral Insurance Company Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

Admiral started out in 1993 with the aim of offering lower insurance prices to more people, without compromising on the quality of our service or products.

Aetna Insurance Company Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

Aetna Insurance Company Limited provides healthcare insurance to its members in the United Kingdom and internationally. It offers international medical insurance for individuals and families, business clients, and teachers. The company provides its healthcare insurance to cover cancer care; in-patient and daycare treatment, including physiotherapy; 90 days’ out-patient treatment following a stay in hospital, including cover for physiotherapy; out-patient surgical procedures; out-patient treatment, including physiotherapy, complementary medicine, and psychiatric treatment; the maintenance of chronic medical conditions; medical evacuation and repatriation; emergency treatment outside area of cover; out-patient dental treatments; routine health checks and dental checkups; compassionate emergency visit to a close family member; and one sight and one hearing examination.

Its plans are available through its network of professionals. The company has strategic insurance partnerships with Professional Life Assurance Ltd.; ICBC AXA-LIFE; P.T. Bess Central Insurance; Safety Insurance Plc.; BaoViet; Archipelago; Bahrain National Life Assurance Company BSC (c) (BNL); Arab Orient Insurance Co Ltd.; Warba Insurance Company (SAK); Muscat Life Assurance SAOC; Doha Insurance; and Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company (PSC). Aetna Insurance Company Limited was formerly known as InterGlobal Insurance Company Limited and changed its name to Aetna Insurance Company Limited in November 2014. The company’s name changed as a result of the acquisition by Aetna Inc. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Farnham, United Kingdom with presence in Africa, the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Aetna Insurance Company Limited operates as a subsidiary of Aetna HoldCo (UK) Limited.

AFG Insurances Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

AFG markets a variety of specialized insurance programs on a wholesale basis through retail brokers and agents, covering particular requirements such as restaurant packages, property insurance, homeowners insurance, and excess casualty, including professional.

AFG Insurance Agency (AFG Partners) was formed in 1992 to manage an existing wholesale operation founded in 1975. As such, some our relationships date for longer than 20 years.

Ageas Insurance Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

Ageas is an international insurance group ranked among the top 20 insurance companies in Europe, with key markets in Europe and Asia, and a heritage spanning more than 190 years.

AGF Insurance Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

AGF Insurance Ltd. settles claims arising on non-life insurance business and the management of its investments in the United Kingdom. AGF Insurance Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of AGF Holdings (UK) Ltd. As of October 11, 2016, AGF Insurance Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Catalina Holdings UK Limited.

AIG Europe Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading global insurance organisation. Founded in 1919, today AIG member companies provide a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, and other financial services to customers in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions.

AIG Life Limited

Category: Insurance Companies in UK

AIG Life Limited is the life insurance arm of AIG in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. We provide financial and practical support for individuals, families and businesses when illness or injury threatens their life, lifestyle or livelihood.

Other Insurance companies in UK

  1. Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Limited
  2. Al-Ahleia Insurance Co SAK
  3. Allianz Insurance Plc
  4. Allianz Suisse Insurance Company
  5. Ambac Assurance UK Limited
  6. Amlin Insurance (UK) Public Limited Company
  7. Amounderness Friendly Society
  8. Amtrust Europe Limited
  9. Anglo-Saxons Friendly Society
  10. Apollo Friendly Society
  11. Arch Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd
  12. Armstrong Watson Friendly Society
  13. Ashdowns Limited
  14. Aspen Insurance UK Limited
  15. Assurant General Insurance Limited
  16. Assurant Life Limited
  17. Assured Guaranty (Europe) Ltd.
  18. Assured Guaranty (UK) Ltd
  19. AstraZeneca Insurance Company Limited
  20. Astrenska Insurance Limited
  21. Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company
  22. Atlantic Mutual International Limited
  23. Autohome Insurance Limited
  24. Automobile Association Underwriting Services Ltd
  25. Aviva Annuity UK Limited
  26. Aviva Insurance Limited
  27. Aviva International Insurance Limited
  28. Aviva Investors Pensions Limited
  29. Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited
  30. Avon Insurance Plc
  31. AXA Art Insurance Limited
  32. Axa Insurance Ltd
  33. AXA Insurance UK Plc
  34. AXA PPP Healthcare Limited
  35. AA Mutual International Insurance Company Limited
  36. AXA Wealth Limited
  37. B M Friendly Society
  38. B S Friendly Society
  39. B&CE Insurance Limited
  40. BA (GI) Limited
  41. BAI (Run-off) Limited
  42. Baillie Gifford Life Limited
  43. Baker Street Friendly Society
  44. Baloise Insurance Ltd
  45. Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited
  46. BAWA Healthcare and Leisure
  47. Baynes Friendly Society
  48. Beaufort Insurance Company Limited
  49. Bee Diseases Insurance Limited
  50. Belgravia Friendly Society
  51. Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Ltd
  52. Berners Friendly Society
  53. Bestpark International Limited
  54. BHSF Limited
  55. Bimeh Iran Insurance Company (UK) Limited
  56. Black Sea and Baltic General Insurance Company Limited
  57. BlackRock Life Limited
  58. Bolton and District Hospital Saturday Council
  59. Bosworth Run-Off Limited
  60. Bowcock & Pursaill Friendly Society
  61. Brampton Insurance Company Limited
  62. Bridge House Friendly Society
  63. British Friendly Society Limited
  64. British Gas Insurance Limited
  65. British Reserve Insurance Company Limited
  66. Brunel Assurance Society
  67. Budget Insurance Company Limited
  68. BUPA Insurance Limited
  69. Bus Employees’ Friendly Society
  70. Canada Life Limited
  71. Cardrow Insurance Limited
  72. Carolgate Friendly Society
  73. Castle Friendly Society
  74. Catalina London Limited
  75. Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
  76. Centrewrite Limited
  77. Chester Street Insurance Holdings Limited
  78. Chiltern Hills Friendly Society
  79. China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd
  80. Chubb Custom Insurance Company
  81. Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE
  82. Churchill Insurance Company Limited
  83. Cirencester Friendly Society Limited
  84. CIS General Insurance Limited
  85. City General Insurance Company Limited
  86. City Insurance Company
  87. City International Insurance Company Limited
  88. Civil Service Healthcare Society Limited
  89. Clal Insurance Company Limited
  90. Clerical Medical Investment Group Limited
  91. Clerical Medical Managed Funds Limited
  92. Clough Friendly Society
  93. CNA Insurance Company Limited
  94. Colbourne Insurance Company Limited
  95. Community Reinsurance Corporation Limited
  96. Compass Friendly Society Limited
  97. Congregational & General Insurance Public Limited Company
  98. Consolidated Mutual Insurance Limited
  99. Continuous Dataprint Friendly Society
  100. Cornerstone Friendly Society
  101. Cornish Mutual Assurance Company Limited
  102. Countrywide Assured Plc
  103. Covea Insurance plc
  104. Covéa Life Limited
  105. CX Reinsurance Company Limited
  106. D M Friendly Society
  107. DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited
  108. Dentists’ and General Mutual Benefit Society Ltd
  109. Dentists’ Provident Society Limited
  110. Dolby Holt Friendly Society
  111. Domestic & General Insurance Plc
  112. Dowa Insurance Company (Europe) Limited
  113. Drake Insurance Plc
  114. Duke’s Place Friendly Society
  115. East Coast Mutual Yacht Insurance Association Ltd
  116. East West Insurance Company Limited
  117. EC Insurance Company Limited
  118. Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc
  119. Ecclesiastical Life Limited
  120. Eden Friendly Society
  121. El Paso Insurance Company Limited
  122. Ellis Friendly Society
  123. Endurance Worldwide Insurance Limited
  124. English & American Insurance Company Limited
  125. Equitas Insurance Limited
  126. Equitas Limited
  127. Equitas Reinsurance Limited
  128. Esano London Friendly Society
  129. esure Insurance Limited
  130. Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda) Ltd
  131. Exeter Friendly Society Limited
  132. FAI Insurances Limited
  133. Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited
  134. Fayre Oaks Friendly Society
  135. Federal Insurance Company
  136. Fenton Insurance Company Limited
  137. FGIC UK Ltd
  138. FGU Insurance Corporation
  139. Fidelis Underwriting Limited
  140. FIL Life Insurance Limited
  141. Financial & Legal Insurance Company Ltd
  142. Financial Assurance Company Limited
  143. Financial Guaranty Insurance Company
  144. Financial Insurance Company Limited
  145. First Title Insurance Plc
  146. FM Insurance Company Limited
  147. Folgate Insurance Company Ltd
  148. Folksam International Insurance Company (UK) Limited
  149. Forester Life Limited
  150. Fraser Friendly Society
  151. Friends Annuities Limited
  152. Friends Life and Pensions Limited
  153. Friends Life FPLMA Limited
  154. Friends Life Limited
  155. General Insurance Corporation of India
  156. Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Limited
  157. Girlings Friendly Society
  158. Graham and Sibbald Friendly Society
  159. Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society
  160. Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE
  161. Gresham Insurance Company Limited
  162. Gringolet Company Limited
  163. Guarantee Protection Insurance Limited
  164. Guardian Assurance Limited
  165. H L Friendly Society
  166. Halifax Life Limited
  167. Harper Insurance Limited
  168. Hartford Financial Products International Ltd
  169. HCC International Insurance Company Plc
  170. Health Shield Friendly Society Limited
  171. Heddington Insurance (U.K.) Limited
  172. Highlands Insurance Company (UK) Limited
  173. Highway Insurance Company Limited
  174. HIH Casualty and General Insurance Limited
  175. Hill Osborne Friendly Society
  176. Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
  177. Hodge Life Assurance Company Limited
  178. Homecare Insurance Limited
  179. Housing Association Property Mutual Limited
  180. Housing Associations Mutual Insurance Association Limited
  181. Houston Casualty Company
  182. HSB Engineering Insurance Limited
  183. HSBC Life (UK) Limited
  184. HSF Health Plan Limited
  185. Hunt Staff Benefit Society
  186. IC Insurance Limited
  187. Ideal Insurance Company Limited
  188. Inceptum Insurance Company Limited
  189. Indemnity Guarantee Assurance Limited
  190. Independent Insurance Company Limited
  191. Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society Limited
  192. Insurance (GB) Limited
  193. IntegraLife UK Limited
  194. International General Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
  195. International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd
  196. Invesco Perpetual Life Limited
  197. IRB-Brasil Resseguros S.A.
  198. Irwell Insurance Company Limited
  199. Island Capital (Europe) Limited
  200. J S W Friendly Society
  201. P. Sturge Friendly Society
  202. Jacksons Friendly Society
  203. JPMorgan Life Limited
  204. Just Retirement Limited
  205. Kingscroft Insurance Company Limited
  206. Kingston Unity Friendly Society
  207. Knapton Insurance Limited
  208. KX Reinsurance Company Ltd
  209. Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co (UK) Limited
  210. L W M Friendly Society
  211. Lady Grover’s Hospital Fund for Officers’ Families
  212. Lamb & Holmes Friendly Society
  213. Lancashire Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
  214. Landau Morley Friendly Society
  215. Legal & General Insurance Limited
  216. Legal & General Pensions Ltd
  217. Legal and General Assurance (Pensions Management) Limited
  218. Legal and General Assurance Society Limited
  219. Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited
  220. Life Insurance Corporation of India
  221. Lime Street Insurance Company Limited
  222. Liverpool and London Steamship Protection and Indemnity Association Limited
  223. Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited
  224. Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited
  225. Liverpool Victoria Life Company Limited
  226. Lloyds Bank General Insurance Limited
  227. London & Leith Insurance Company Limited
  228. London General Insurance Company Limited
  229. London General Life Company Limited
  230. Long Lane Friendly Society
  231. LV Protection Limited
  232. Mace & Jones Friendly Society
  233. Magian Mutual Insurance Company Limited
  234. Managed Pension Funds Ltd
  235. Marina Mutual Insurance Association Limited
  236. Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance Society
  237. Markel International Insurance Company Limited
  238. Marlon Insurance Company Limited
  239. MBIA UK Insurance Limited
  240. Medicash Health Benefits Limited
  241. Mercantile Indemnity Company Limited
  242. Merseyside Police Funeral Society
  243. Methodist Insurance Plc
  244. Methodist Ministers’ Annuitant Society
  245. Metropolitan Police Friendly Society Limited
  246. MGM Advantage Life Limited
  247. Midland Counties Colliery Officials’ and Staff’s Friendly Society
  248. Midland District Miners’ Fatal Accident Relief Society
  249. Millburn Insurance Company Limited
  250. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd
  251. Mobius Life Limited
  252. Momentum Group Limited
  253. Monarch Assurance Plc
  254. Moorgate Insurance Company Limited
  255. Motors Insurance Company Limited
  256. MPS Risk Solutions Limited
  257. Municipal General Insurance Limited
  258. Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited
  259. Mutual Reinsurance Company Limited
  260. Mytilus Insurance Company Limited
  261. National Casualty Company
  262. National Casualty Company of America Limited
  263. National Deposit Friendly Society Limited
  264. National House-Building Council
  265. National Mutual Life Assurance Society
  266. National Provident Life Limited
  267. Nationale-Nederlanden Internationale Schadeverzekering SE
  268. Nationwide General Insurance Company
  269. Navigators Insurance Company
  270. Neill, Clerk and Plant Hill Friendly Society
  271. Newbridge Road Assurance Society
  272. Newline Insurance Company Limited
  273. North Atlantic Insurance Company Limited
  274. NPA Insurance Limited
  275. NRG Victory Reinsurance Limited
  276. Oak Tree Friendly Society
  277. Odyssey Reinsurance Company
  278. OIC Run-off Limited
  279. Old Mutual Wealth Life & Pensions Limited
  280. Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited
  281. Omnilife Insurance Company Limited
  282. One Re Ltd
  283. Overcliffe Friendly Society
  284. OX Reinsurance Company Limited
  285. PA (GI) Limited
  286. Pacific Life Re Limited
  287. PAMIA Limited
  288. Paramount Insurance Company Limited
  289. Partnership Life Assurance Company Limited
  290. Pastures New Friendly Society
  291. Paycare
  292. Pedigree Livestock Insurance Limited
  293. Pension Insurance Corporation plc
  294. Pensions Management (SWF) Limited
  295. Personal Assurance Plc
  296. Pharmaceutical and General Provident Society Ltd
  297. Phoenix Life Assurance Limited
  298. Phoenix Life Limited
  299. Pinnacle Insurance Plc
  300. Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited
  301. Polygon Insurance Company (UK) Limited
  302. Pool Reinsurance (Nuclear) Limited
  303. Pool Reinsurance Company Limited
  304. Portman Insurance Limited
  305. Prudential Holborn Life Limited
  306. Prudential Pensions Limited
  307. Prudential Retirement Income Limited
  308. QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited
  309. QBE Re (Europe) Limited
  310. R&Q Reinsurance Company (UK) Limited
  311. RAC Insurance Limited
  312. Railway Enginemen’s Assurance Society Limited
  313. Railway Friendly Society
  314. ReAssure Limited
  315. Reliance Mutual Insurance Society Limited
  316. Reliance National Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd
  317. Rentokil Insurance Limited
  318. River Thames Insurance Company Limited
  319. RiverStone Insurance (UK) Limited
  320. RiverStone Insurance Limited
  321. Ronald Moore Sickness and Benevolent Association
  322. Rothesay Assurance Limited
  323. Rothesay Life Ltd
  324. Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
  325. Royal & Sun Alliance Reinsurance Limited
  326. Sabre Insurance Company Limited
  327. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company of Europe Ltd
  328. Sanlam Life & Pensions UK Limited
  329. Schroder Pension Management Ltd
  330. SCOR UK Company Ltd
  331. Scottish Electrical Contractors Insurance Limited
  332. Scottish Equitable Plc
  333. Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited
  334. Scottish Widows Annuities Limited
  335. Scottish Widows Plc
  336. Scottish Widows Unit Funds Limited
  337. Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society
  338. Sheldon Friendly Society
  339. Simplyhealth Access
  340. Society of Lloyd’s
  341. Solicitors Indemnity Mutual Insurance Association Limited
  342. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Company of Europe Limited
  343. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
  344. South Shore Mutual Insurance Company Limited
  345. South Yorkshire Police Benevolent Friendly Society
  346. Sovereign Health Care
  347. Sovereign Marine & General Insurance Company Ltd
  348. St Andrew’s Insurance Plc
  349. St Andrew’s Life Assurance Plc
  350. St James’s Friendly Society
  351. St James’s Place UK plc
  352. St John’s Burial Society Burscough Bridge
  353. St John’s Friendly Society
  354. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company
  355. Staffordshire Police Widows’ and Benevolent Fund Friendly Society
  356. Standard Life Assurance Limited
  357. Standard Life Pension Funds Limited
  358. Starr Insurance & Reinsurance Limited
  360. Steadfast Friendly Society
  361. Sterling Insurance Company Limited
  362. Stewart Title Limited
  363. Stonebridge International Insurance Ltd
  364. Stronghold Insurance Company Limited
  365. Suecia Re & Marine Insurance Company Limited
  366. Suffolk Life Annuities Limited
  367. Sun Insurance Office Limited
  368. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.K.) Limited
  369. Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Limited
  370. Swiss Re Specialty Insurance (UK) Limited
  371. Teachers Assurance Company Limited
  372. Teachers Provident Society Limited
  373. Temple Friendly Society
  374. Tenecom Limited
  375. Tesco Underwriting Limited
  376. The Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society Limited
  377. The Baptist Insurance Company Plc
  378. The Benenden Healthcare Society Limited
  379. The Bermuda Fire & Marine Insurance Company Ltd
  380. The Boston Place Friendly Society
  381. The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd
  382. The British Aviation Insurance Company Limited
  383. The Cargill Friendly Society
  384. The Charterers Mutual Assurance Association Ltd
  385. The Continental Assurance Company of London PLC
  386. The Dominion Insurance Company Limited
  387. The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited
  388. The Equitable Life Assurance Society
  389. The Excelsior Insurance Company Limited
  390. The Exchange Insurance Company Limited
  391. The Exeter Cash Plan
  392. The FHP Partnership Friendly Society
  393. The Griffin Insurance Association Limited
  394. The Gwent Hospitals Workmen’s and Contributory Fund Ltd
  395. The Home Insurance Company
  396. The Insurance Corporation of Singapore (UK) Limited
  397. The Kensington Friendly Collecting Society Ltd
  398. The Lindsey House Friendly Society
  399. The London and Overseas Insurance Company Limited
  400. The London Steam-Ship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Limited
  401. The Marine Insurance Company Limited
  402. The Mediterranean Insurance & Reinsurance Company Limited
  403. The National Farmers’ Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited
  404. The New India Assurance Company Limited
  405. The North of England Protecting & Indemnity Association Limited
  406. The Ocean Marine Insurance Company Limited
  407. The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
  408. The Original Holloway Friendly Society Limited
  409. The Palatine Insurance Company Limited
  410. The Prudential Assurance Company Limited
  411. The Rechabite Friendly Society Limited
  412. The Red Rose Friendly Society Limited
  413. The Reelan Friendly Society
  414. The Royal London General Insurance Company Ltd
  415. The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited
  416. The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd
  417. The Scottish Boatowners Mutual Insurance Association
  418. The Scottish Lion Insurance Company Limited
  419. The Scottish Teachers’ Nursing Association Ltd
  420. The Shepherds Friendly Society Limited
  421. The Standard Club Europe Ltd
  422. The Standard Life Assurance Company 2006
  423. The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Ltd
  424. The Stop Loss Mutual Insurance Association Ltd
  425. The Underwriter Insurance Company Limited
  426. The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Europe) Limited
  427. The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (London) Limited
  428. The Veterinary Defence Society Limited
  429. The World Marine & General Insurance Plc
  430. The Wren Insurance Association Limited
  431. Threadneedle Pensions Limited
  432. Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Ltd
  433. Tokio Marine Kiln Insurance Limited
  434. Tokio Millennium Re (UK) Limited
  435. Tokio Millennium Re AG
  436. Tradex Insurance Company Limited
  437. Trafalgar Insurance Public Limited Company
  438. Transatlantic Life Assurance Company Limited
  439. Transatlantic Reinsurance Company
  440. Transfercom Limited
  441. Transport Friendly Society Limited
  442. TransRe London Limited
  443. Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of Europe Limited
  444. Travelers Insurance Company Limited
  445. Trent Insurance Company Limited
  446. Trinity Insurance Company Limited
  447. TT Club Mutual Insurance Limited
  448. Typroth Limited
  449. U D L Friendly Society
  450. U K Insurance Limited
  451. UBS Asset Management Life Ltd
  452. UIA (Insurance) Limited
  453. Unionamerica Insurance Company Limited
  454. United Kingdom Freight Demurrage and Defence Association Limited
  455. United Kingdom Mutual War Risks Association Ltd
  456. United Standard Insurance Company Limited
  457. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America
  458. Unum Ltd
  459. USAA Limited
  460. Uzbekinvest International Insurance Company Ltd
  461. Vitality Health Insurance Limited
  462. Vitality Health Limited
  463. Vitality Life Limited
  464. R. Berkley Insurance (Europe), Limited
  465. Walbrook Insurance Company Limited
  466. Waltham Forest Friendly Society
  467. Wausau Insurance Company (UK) Limited
  468. Welsh Hospitals & Health Services Association
  469. Wesleyan Assurance Society
  470. Wessex Insurance Company Limited
  471. West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association (London) Ltd
  472. West Yorkshire Insurance Company Limited
  473. Western Provident Association Limited
  474. Westfield Contributory Health Scheme
  475. Willows Friendly Society
  476. Wiltshire Friendly Society Limited
  477. Witham Retirement Annuity Friendly Society
  478. Wolferstans Friendly Society
  479. Worcester Hospital Contributors’ Association
  480. XL Insurance Company SE
  481. XL Re Ltd
  482. Zurich Assurance Ltd