Kate Beckinsale Biography

Kate Beckinsale (Kathrin Romary Beckinsale) was born on 26th July 1973 in Chiswick, London, United Kingdom. She is an English actress.

Kate Beckinsale Age

  • She was born on 26th July 1973 (44 years as at 2017)

Kate Beckinsale Movies

  • 2016: Underworld: Blood Wars
  • 2004: Van Helsing
  • 2001: Pearl Harbor
  • 2012: Underworld: Awakening
  • 2012: Total Recall
  • 2016: Love & Friendship
  • 2006: Underworld: Evolution
  • 2001: Serendipity
  • 2003: Underworld
  • 2004: The Aviator
  • 2009: Whiteout
  • 2016: The Disappointments Room
  • 2012: Contraband
  • 2007: Snow Angels
  • 1998: The Last Days of Disco
  • 1999: Brokedown Palace
  • 2008: Nothing but the Truth
  • 2014: The Face of an Angel
  • 2009: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
  • 2009: Everybody’s Fine
  • 2015: Absolutely Anything
  • 1995: Cold Comfort Farm
  • 2014:Stonehearst Asylum
  • 2006: Click
  • 1993: Much Ado About Nothing
  • 2002: Laurel Canyon
  • 2007: Vacancy
  • 2017: The Only Living Boy in New York
  • 2003: Tiptoes
  • 1997: Shooting Fish
  • 2000: The Golden Bowl
  • 2013: The Trials of Cate McCall
  • 1996: Emma
  • 1991: One Against the Wind
  • 2008: Winged Creatures
  • 1994: Prince of Jutland
  • 1995: Haunted
  • 1994: Uncovered
  • 1998: Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • 2012: Martin Scorsese Eats a Cookie
  • Happy Holidays, Katherine Sloane
  • Snowy Angel

Kate Beckinsale Underworld

Death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) must fend off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the vampire faction that betrayed her. Joining forces with allies David (Theo James) and Thomas (Peter Andersson), she embarks on a quest to end the eternal war between the two races, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

Kate Beckinsale Shape

In 2016 she was the cover girl on the Shape magazine. She talked about her body and workout routine.

“I do circuit training interspersed with brutal cardio, such as crazy things on a nonmotorized treadmill. That part is torture. But the thing I like about circuit training is that you’re never doing one thing for very long. You get to the point where you almost can’t bear it, and it changes to something else.”

“I love yoga, and that’s all I used to do. But hardcore workouts have really made a big difference in my life. I have a lot of internal energy, and intense exercise helps me channel that energy. I find balance by doing a workout that makes me pour sweat. I never was that girl before, but I am now.”

“I was a vegetarian for a really long time because I am incredibly squeamish about meat. But when I was filming Pearl Harbor, I didn’t have enough energy, and the trainer I was working with at the time said ‘You’ve got to start eating chicken and fish.’ So I did, and that helped me. Lily and I eat clean—we have a lot of sautéed vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli and chicken and fish. Also, I don’t drink alcohol. I feel [its effects] very quickly, so I’ve never actually had an entire glass of anything alcoholic.”

“I basically wake up, eat breakfast, and then work out. I prefer to get it done in the morning. That said, I don’t naturally get up early. It would be much better for me if the entire world went to bed at 4 a.m. and woke up at noon. But it doesn’t, so I’m usually staggering around first thing.”

Kate Beckinsale Dad

Kate Beckinsale dad is Richard Arthur Beckinsale who was an English actor, best known for his roles as Lennie Godber in the popular BBC sitcom Porridge and Alan Moore in the British ITV sitcom Rising Damp.

Kate Beckinsale Boyfriend

Kate Beckinsale had been in a eight year relationship from 1995 until 2003 with actor Michael Sheen. They met when cast in a touring production of The Seagull in early 1995 and moved in together shortly afterwards.In 1997, they voiced a radio production of Romeo and Juliet.Sheen never proposed but she says that she felt like they were married.

Kate Beckinsale Daughter

In 1999 together with her then boyfriend Michael Sheen they got a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen.

Kate Beckinsale Daughter
Kate Beckinsale Daughter

Kate Beckinsale Husband/ Ex Husband

She met director Len Wiseman on set of ‘Underworld’ and while casting they fell in love. On 9th May 2004 they got married in Bel-Air, California.Beckinsale and Wiseman announced their separation in November 2015 and Wiseman filed for divorce in 2016.


Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale