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Security Companies in UK

A comprehensive list of all Security Companies in UK, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the Security Companies in Britain websites.

G4S Plc

Category: Security Companies in UK

G4S plc is a British multinational security services company headquartered in Crawley, England. The company was set up in 2004 when London-based company Securicor amalgamated with Danish business Group 4 Falck.

Securitas Security Services Ltd.

Category: Security Companies in UK

Securitas is the leading international company specialized in protective services based on people, technology and knowledge.

Mitie Total Security Management

Category: Security Companies in UK

Mitie provides facilities management, consultancy, project management and a range of specialist services that connect people with innovation and technology; helping our clients go beyond FM to the Connected Workspace. We work in partnership with organisations to deliver long-term value, offering a wide range of services – from real estate and energy consultancy, compliance, risk assessment and security systems to cleaning, catering and environmental services. We manage and maintain some of the nation’s most recognised landmarks, high street buildings and even homes in your community.

Vision Security Group Ltd (VSG)(Compass)

Category: Security Companies in UK

Vision Security Group Ltd., doing business as VSG, provides security solutions to blue chip-clients in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its services include manned guarding; security system services ranging from on-site security installations for CCTV, video analytics integration, facial and number plate recognition, and intruder alarms and access control to on-going maintenance; and monitoring and managing a range of security management activities, including CCTV footage, lone-worker protection, and GPS vehicle tracking, as well as intruder, fire, and panic alarm monitoring.

OCS Group UK Ltd

Category: Security Companies in UK

OCS Group UK Ltd provides cleaning, catering, security, waste disposal, and grounds maintenance services to businesses in different sectors. The company offers contract commercial cleaning services, including floor and computers cleaning, ceiling tiles restoring, and graffiti removal to corporate offices, airports, shopping centers, and hospitals. OCS Group UK Ltd was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Crawley, United Kingdom. OCS Group UK Ltd operates as a subsidiary of OCS Group Limited.

Interserve Plc (First Security(Guards) & Knightsbridge

Category: Security Companies in UK

Interserve plc is a multinational support services and construction company based in the UK, with a revenue of £3.2 billion in 2015 and a workforce of more than 80,000 people worldwide.

Loomis UK Ltd

Category: Security Companies in UK

Loomis is the UK’s premier cash management specialist and we help manage the public flow of cash in society.We provide cash management solutions that save you money, protect you from fraud and attack, and provide the means to analyse your cash flow down to the last penny.

From secure money safes to intelligent smart safes, cash in transit and cash processing, Loomis supports businesses throughout the UK with crucial coin collection and delivery services, along with ATM management and replenishment services.

Advance Security (UK) Limited

Category: Security Companies in UK

Advance Security offers the latest in security systems for businesses in Cambridge, Peterborough and the surrounding areas. From CCTV to access control, burglar, intruder and fire alarms, our team will work with you to identify the most suitable security solutions for your business needs.

Kingdom Security Ltd

Category: Security Companies in UK

Kingdom Security Ltd. provides security guarding, keyholding, door supervision, and CCTV services in the United Kingdom. The company offers security personnel services, including gatehouse, patrol, CCTV, retail, corporate reception and concierge, store detection, and events and close protection; and site managed commercial cleaning and maintenance services,

security companies in uk

security companies in uk

including deep and reactive cleaning, deep cleaning in food preparation areas, changing rooms, medical establishments, waste management, janitorial service, hygiene supplies, landscaping, high pressure cleaning, kitchen and ductwork cleaning, and graffiti and chewing gum removal for commercial, leisure, transport, and public circulation markets.

Wilson James Ltd.

Category: Security Companies in UK

Wilson James is a leading security, construction logistics and business services provider with more than 3,000 employees. With in-depth sector and service expertise we deliver solutions to clients operating across the Aviation, Construction, Corporate, Events, Energy, Manufacturing and Maritime industries.


Other security companies in UK

  1. Axis Security Ltd
  2. Corps Security Ltd
  3. Sodexo
  4. CIS Security Ltd
  5. Carlisle Security
  6. Bilfinger Europa Services Ltd
  7. Cardinal Security Limited
  8. Profile Security Services Ltd
  9. Servest Ltd
  10. SecuriGroup
  11. Guarding UK
  12. Emprise Services Plc
  13. Ward Security Limited
  14. Lodge Service Ltd
  15. Interr Security
  16. 1A (1st Alliance) Services Limited
  17. 1SC Guarding Limited
  18. 1st Class Protection Limited
  19. 1st Nationwide Security Limited
  20. 1st Reaction Security Limited
  21. 1st Security Solutions Limited
  22. 2012 Security Ltd
  23. 24 Hour Security Ltd (trading as Nationwide Security Services)
  24. 247 Alliance Ltd
  25. 3 Lions Security Limited
  26. 3 Star Services Ltd
  27. 3000 Property Services Limited t/a 3000 Security Services
  28. 360 Security and Support Services
  29. 3D Security Limited
  30. 3e Global Limited (trading as 3e International)
  31. 4 Forces Keyholding Limited
  32. 4 Site Security Services Limited
  33. A Rapid Response Security Limited
  34. M.P Security (Lincs) Limited
  35. A1 Security Home Counties (UK) Limited
  36. Abbey Security Services Limited
  37. Aberdeen Alarm Company Limited
  38. ABK Security Services Limited
  39. ABM Group (UK) Limited
  40. Absolute Event Solutions Limited
  41. Absolute Protection and Investigation Limited
  42. Absolute Security London Limited
  43. Acclaimed Security Limited
  44. Accolade (UK) Limited
  45. Ace Security Solutions (UK) Limited
  46. Action K9 Security Ltd
  47. Active Response Security Services Limited
  48. Active Security Solutions Limited
  49. AD2000 Security Limited
  50. Adana Management Group Limited
  51. ADP Security Systems Limited
  52. ADSEC Group Limited
  53. Advance Guarding Ltd
  54. Advanced Signal Monitoring Limited
  55. Advantage 1 Limited (trading as Advantage One Security)
  56. Aegis Conglomerate Ltd
  57. AEJ Management Limited
  58. Agile Guarding Services Limited
  59. Aguard Security Limited
  60. Aims Security Limited
  61. Ajax Securities Limited
  62. AK Security Provider Ltd
  63. AKD Facilities Management Limited
  64. Akita Group Limited
  65. Alandale Group of Companies Limited (Includes: Alandale Logistics Limited and Alandale Logistics (Northern) Limited)
  66. Alarm Response and Keyholding Limited
  67. All Events Security Limited
  68. All Security Limited
  69. All Time Security Ltd
  70. Allander Security Limited
  71. Alliance Mobile Security Limited
  72. Alliance Security Limited
  73. Allied Facilities Limited
  74. Alpha Omega Securities Limited
  75. Alpha Response (2004) Limited (trading as Red Support Services)
  76. Alpha Security Solutions Limited
  77. Alsecure Group Limited
  78. AM PM Security Surrey Limited
  79. AM Support Services Limited
  80. AMR Security Services Limited
  81. Amtek Security Limited
  82. Anchor Security Services Limited
  83. Andrews International limited
  84. Andron Contract Services Limited (trading as Andron Facilities Management)
  85. Angel Security Limited
  86. Anona Security UK Limited
  87. Anubis Security Ltd
  88. AOS Security Limited
  89. AP Security (APS) Limited
  90. AP Security Limited
  91. Apardion Limited
  92. APCOA Parking (UK) Limited
  93. Apex Management Solutions Limited
  94. Apleona
  95. Apple Security Group Limited
  96. APS Security Services Limited
  97. Arc Monitoring Limited
  98. Arena Security Limited
  99. Arion Security (UK) Limited
  100. Armasec Security Ltd
  101. Armatus Risk Canine Services Ltd
  102. Armitage Wolfe Limited (trading as Alpha Services)
  103. Armour Security Deployment Limited
  104. Arrowe Security Systems Limited
  105. Arslan London Security Limited
  106. ASG Enterprises Limited
  107. Ashridge Group Ltd
  108. Askari Security UK Ltd
  109. Aspro Security Services Limited
  110. Asset Protection (Yorkshire) Ltd
  111. Asset Security Provision Limited
  112. Assist Security Limited
  113. Assure Security (WM) Ltd
  114. Aston Services Group Ltd
  115. Atlas FM Services Limited
  116. Atlas Security Patrol Ltd
  117. Atlas UK Security Services Limited
  118. Atrium FM Limited
  119. Attalus Protection Services Limited
  120. Atticus Risk Management Limited
  121. Avantguard Security Limited
  122. Aventail Security Limited
  123. Avondale Construction Limited
  124. Axien Security Limited
  125. Axis International Security Services Limited
  126. Axis Security Services Limited
  127. Barum Friend Security Limited
  128. Bayleaf Security Limited
  129. BBP Security Services & Training Limited
  130. BCM Security Associates Ltd
  131. BDI Securities UK Limited
  132. Beacon Facilities Management Limited
  133. Beaver Management Services Limited
  134. Beesafe (SW) Limited
  135. Belstone Management Services Limited
  136. BGN Security Services Limited
  137. Black and White Key Security Limited
  138. Black Diamond Security Limited
  139. Black Watch Tactical Limited
  140. Blackstar Security Limited
  141. Blackstone Security Solutions Limited
  142. Blayde Security Limited
  143. Blink Unique Solutions Limited
  144. Blue 9 Security Limited
  145. BMS Corporate Limited
  146. Bold Security Group (UK) Limited
  147. Borough Council Kings Lynn & West Norfolk
  148. Boss Serve Ltd
  149. Bostan & Baata Limited
  150. Bouygues E&S FM UK Limited
  151. Bridge Security (CCTV) Limited
  152. Brinks Limited
  153. Bristol Security and Property Management Limited
  154. Brit Sec Limited
  155. Britannia K9 Security
  156. Brites Associates Limited (trading as Brites Security Solutions)
  157. Britplan Security Solutions Limited
  158. Britsafe Limited
  159. Broadland Guarding Services Limited
  160. Brooknight Guarding Limited
  161. Brooknight Security Limited (trading as Brooknight Security)
  162. Bruce K9 Ltd
  163. BS Security Management Services Limited
  164. Burhan Security Services Limited
  165. Business Watch Guarding Limited
  166. Buxton and High Peak Security Services Limited
  167. C B Protection LTD
  168. C T Guards UK Limited
  169. Cadogan King Limited
  170. Calibre Facility Services Limited
  171. Cam Facilities Limited
  172. Cape Meridian Limited
  173. Caple Security Services Limited
  174. Capricorn Security Group Limited
  175. Capstar Chauffeurs Limited
  176. Car Park Services Limited
  177. Cardinal Security Limited
  178. Cardtronics UK Limited
  179. Careline Security Limited (trading as Mayfair Security)
  180. Carillion Services Limited
  181. Carisway Facilities Support Ltd
  182. Carlisle Security Services Limited
  183. Carter Brooke Ltd
  184. Castlegate Security Services Limited
  185. Cava Security Services Limited
  186. CB Security (UK) Limited
  187. CBI Security Limited
  188. CBRE Managed Services Limited
  189. CBS Security & Remote Monitoring Limited
  190. Cedaroak Services Southern Limited
  191. Central Security Limited
  192. Central Security Services (Wales) Limited
  193. Centre Circle Event Management Limited
  194. Cerberus Security and Monitoring Services Limited
  195. Chamberlains Security (Cardiff) Limited
  196. Charter Security Limited
  197. Chattels Security and Services Ltd
  198. Christy Security Limited
  199. Churchill Security Limited
  200. Churchill Security Solutions Limited
  201. CIO Security Ltd
  202. Circa Security Limited
  203. Circle Facilities Management Ltd
  204. CIS Security Limited
  205. Citiguard Security (UK) Ltd
  206. City Security Services Limited
  207. Classic Security (UK) Limited
  208. Cleanevent Services Ltd
  209. Clear Watch Security Limited
  210. Clearview Security Limited
  211. Clearwater People Limited
  212. Cledor Limited
  213. Clipfine Security Limited
  214. Close Security Services Limited
  215. Close Unit Protection Services Limited
  216. CMS Keyholding Limited
  217. Cnex Ltd
  218. Coast 2 Coast Security Limited
  219. Cobra Specialist Security Services Limited (trading as Cobra FM Services)
  220. Cole Security Services Limited
  221. Community Safety Glasgow
  222. Compact Security Services Limited
  223. Compass Group UK & Ireland Limited (including: Vision Security Group Limited and Contract Support Services trading as 14forty)
  224. Complete Security (Europe) Limited
  225. Comprehensive Security Services Limited
  226. Consolidated Logistics Services Limited
  227. Constant Security Services Limited
  228. Contract Security (UK) Ltd
  229. Contract Security Services Limited
  230. Controlled Event Solutions Limited
  231. Controlled Space Limited
  232. Convert Services Limited
  233. Copeland Facilities Management Ltd t/a Copeland Group Services
  234. Cordant Security Limited
  235. Corporate Facilities Services Limited
  236. Corporate Risk Solutions Limited
  237. Corporate Security Service Limited
  238. Corporate Service Management Limited (trading as CSM Facilities Management)
  239. Corps of Commissionaires Management Limited incorporating Corps Security (UK) Limited and Corps Monitoring Limited
  240. Corvus Security Limited
  241. Cotswold Security Limited
  242. Cougar Monitoring Limited
  243. Coverdale K9 Security Services Limited
  244. Coverguard Services Ltd
  245. CP Plus Limited
  246. Cre8 Security Limited
  247. CRG Security Solutions
  248. Crimewatch Safeguard Security Systems Limited
  249. CRN Contract Services Limited
  250. Crown Security Services
  251. Crown Security Solutions Limited
  252. Crusader Security Limited
  253. Crystal Facilities Management Ltd
  254. CSM Security Consultants Ltd
  255. CSS Security Limited
  256. CTR High Risk Security & Investigation Services Limited
  257. Custodian Guarding Company Limited
  258. CYS Security Limited
  259. D & D Security (Midlands) Limited
  260. Danhouse Security Limited
  261. Dark Knight Security Limited
  262. Darkstorm Trading Limited t/a Interr
  263. Day Secure Limited
  264. DCL Security International Limited
  265. DCP Security Services Limited
  266. Defence Security Solutions Company Limited
  267. Delta 5 Security Limited
  268. Delta Force Close Protection and Security Ltd
  269. Delta Force Guarding Limited
  270. Delta One Security Services Limited
  271. Delta Synergistics Security Systems Limited
  272. Deploy UK Limited
  274. Diligence Security Solutions Limited
  275. Diplomats Security Contract Limited
  276. Direct Facilities Management Services Limited
  277. DKL Training Services Limited (trading as SRM Security)
  278. DoorSec (Security) UK Limited
  279. Dorman & Co (Certified Bailiffs) Limited
  280. Double Check Security Group Ltd
  281. Dove Security Limited
  282. Doyle Security Limited
  283. DPR Security Limited
  284. Dunedin Facilities Management Limited
  285. Duval FM Ltd
  286. Dynamic Security Solutions Ltd
  287. M.S. (Security Services) Limited
  288. Eagle Guards Limited (trading as Eagletech Security Solutions)
  289. Eagle Security Protection Limited
  290. Eagles Security Services Limited
  291. Eboracum UK Ltd
  292. Ebrit Resource Ltd
  293. Effective Security Services Limited (trading as Professional Security)
  294. EGS Nationwide Limited
  295. Ejsmont Security Limited
  296. Elite Security Management Services Limited
  297. Elite Security NI Limited
  298. Elizabethan Security Limited
  299. EMCOR Group (UK) PLC
  300. Empire Security Services Ltd
  301. Emprise Services Plc
  302. Emsec Security Limited
  303. Engie Services Limited
  304. Enigma Security (Europe) Limited
  305. Enigma Security Solutions Limited
  306. Enrova Limited
  307. ER Global Limited
  308. ER Response and Security Ltd
  309. ESG Security Limited
  310. Essex Security Solutions Ltd
  311. Estate Sevices (NI) Limited (trading as: Estate Services)
  312. European Security Services (London) Limited
  313. Eurotech Monitoring Services Limited
  314. Evensure Management Limited
  315. Event Security Southern Limited
  316. Events Security Services Limited
  317. Eventsec Limited
  318. Exclusec Security Solutions Limited
  319. Express Securities Ltd
  320. Eyewatch Security Limited
  321. Eyewitness Protection Limited
  322. Fallow Management Limited
  323. FGH Security Limited
  324. First Force Security Services Limited
  325. First Response Group Limited
  326. First Response Security Guards Ltd
  327. First Response Security Team Limited
  328. Firstline Security Limited
  329. Five Brothers Ltd
  330. FLR Spectron Limited
  331. Focused Security Services Limited
  332. Force One Security (UK) Limited
  333. Force Shield Security UK Limited
  334. Foremost Security Limited
  335. Fort Nox Services Limited
  336. Fortel Limited
  337. Fortis Security and Protection Limited
  338. Fortus Consultants Limited T/A Fortus Security
  339. Forward Security Limited
  340. Fraoch (Scotland) Limited
  341. Frontline Security 247 Limited
  342. Frontline Total Security Limited
  343. FSI Europe Limited
  344. Fulwood Security Services (UK) Ltd
  345. G3 Security Limited
  346. G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Limited
  347. G4S Facilities Management (UK) Limited
  348. G4S Secure Solutions (UK) Limited
  349. G4S Security Services (UK) Limited
  350. GA Security Limited
  351. Gainsborough Events Management Limited
  352. Galaxon Services Limited
  353. Gallowglass Security Partners LLP incorporating Gallowglass Security Limited
  354. Gardant Security Limited
  355. GB Monitoring Limited
  356. GBSG (Guarding) Limited
  357. Genial Limited (trading as Safehouse Security)
  358. Glam Security Limited
  359. Glevum Security Limited
  360. Global Express Security Services Limited
  361. Global Protection Services Limited
  362. Global Support Services (UK) Limited
  363. GMS Security Services Limited
  364. Gold Standard Security Limited
  365. Goldcrest Guarding Security Services
  366. Golden Crown Management Limited
  367. Gough and Kelly Security Limited
  368. GR8 Security Limited
  369. Graffins Services Limited
  370. Grosvenor Corporate Security Limited (incorporating Charter Secutiy Limited)
  371. Grosvenor Security and Cleaning Services Limited
  372. Group Two Limited (trading as Robowatch)
  373. GSD Security Limited
  374. GSL Dardan Limited
  375. GSS Solutions Limited
  376. GTS Solutions CIC
  377. Guarantor Security Limited
  378. Guard Group Nationwide Limited
  379. Guardforce Security Limited
  380. Guardforce Security Services Limited
  381. Guardian Protection Services Limited
  382. GuardianFM Limited
  383. Guarding Professionals Limited
  384. Guarding Solutions & Training Services Limited
  385. Guarding UK Limited
  386. Guardior Security Limited
  387. Guardwatch Security UK Limited
  388. Gurkha Security Services Limited
  389. H & M Security Services Limited
  390. G. Security & Property Protection Limited
  391. Hackle Security Services Limited
  392. Hall FM Security Limited
  393. Hallmark Security Limited
  394. Hard Hat Logistics Limited
  395. Harris Security Services Ltd
  396. Hawk-i Worldwide Limited
  397. Headline Security Limited
  398. Heritage Mobile Security Limited
  399. High Protection Security Services Limited
  400. Hi-Res Security Limited
  401. Horizon Security Services Limited
  402. Humber Security Solutions Ltd
  403. IBA Recruitment Ltd
  404. Ibwest Security Services Limited
  405. ICTS (UK) Limited
  406. ILK Security Limited
  407. Impact Services (Northern) Limited (trading as Impact Security Solutions)
  408. Impetus Business Services Limited
  409. Incentive Facilities Management Limited
  410. Incentive Lynx Security Limited
  411. Independent Contractor Security Limited
  412. Indigo Park Services UK Limited
  413. Industry Security UK Limited
  414. Infinitas Security Limited
  415. Innovative Security Solutions Limited
  416. Innoventive Contract Services Limited
  417. Inquest Canine Detection and Security Limited
  418. Insec N.Ireland Limited
  419. Inside Out Security Limited
  420. Inspired Security Solutions (Manchester) Ltd
  421. Intacept Management Limited
  422. Integrated Security Consultants Limited
  423. Integrated Visual Protection Limited
  424. Integrity Security Group Limited
  425. Interforce Limited
  426. Interserve FS (UK) Limited
  427. Interserve Security (First) Limited
  428. Interserve Security (Knightsbridge)Limited
  429. InterserveFM Limited
  430. IPM FM Group Limited
  431. Iridium 2005 Limited (trading as Iridium Security)
  432. ISA Support Services Limited
  433. Island Events (NI) Ltd
  434. Island Security Limited
  435. ISS Facility Services Limited (trading as ISS Facility Services � Security)
  436. ISS Mediclean Limited (trading as ISS Facility Services, Healthcare, Education & Defence)
  437. S.L. Services Ltd.
  438. Jade Security Services Limited
  439. James Maxwell Ltd
  440. JW Parfitt & Sons Limited (trading as Nitelite Security Services)
  441. K2 Services Limited
  442. K4S Security Limited
  443. K9 Patrol Limited
  444. K9 Security Services (South West) Limited
  445. KA Services (UK) Limited
  446. KCLS Limited (trading as Astrum Group Services)
  447. Keepsafe Security Services Limited
  448. Kestrel Guards Limited
  449. Key Control Services Limited
  450. Key Patrol Limited
  451. Key Security Group Ltd (incorporating Key Security (UK) Ltd)
  452. Keyguard UK Limited
  453. Keyline Chartered Security Limited
  454. KeyPlus Security Limited
  455. Kingdom Services Group Limited (trading as Kingdom)
  456. Kingfisher Guarding Services Limited
  457. Kings Armoured Security Services Limited
  458. Kings Security Systems Limited
  459. KK Security Services Limited
  460. KM Facilities Management Group PLC (incorporating: KM Security Solutions PLC)
  461. Knight Security Limited
  462. Knight Security Services (UK) Limited
  463. Knightguard Limited
  464. Knights Group Worldwide Limited
  465. La Vida International
  466. Ladbroke Security Services Limited
  467. Land Sheriffs Limited
  468. Learn Assist Security Limited
  469. Leisureguard (UK) Limited
  470. Leisuresec PLC (trading as Security Guarding Specialists)
  471. Lewis Hart Security Services Limited
  472. Licence Trade Consultants Security Limited
  473. Lincolnshire Security Limited
  474. Lingwood Security Management Limited
  475. Lionheart Security Management Limited
  476. Lloyds Security Services Limited
  477. Location Secure Limited
  478. Lodge Security Limited
  479. Logic Service Management Limited
  480. London Guard Ltd
  481. London Security Services (UK) Limited
  482. Loomis International (UK) Limited
  483. Loomis UK Limited
  484. Loyal Security Limited
  485. M&R Solutions Limited (trading as Nexus National Security Network)
  486. M4 Facilities Management Limited
  487. MadiganGill Ltd
  488. Magenta Security Services Limited
  489. Magpie Security Limited
  490. Main Event Security Limited
  491. MAK Integrated Services Limited
  492. Man Commercial Protection Limited
  493. Manforce Security Limited
  494. Manpower Direct (UK) Limited
  495. MAR Facilities Support Services Limited
  496. Marina Services Limited (trading as MSL Security)
  497. Maritime Protection Solutions Ltd
  498. Marpol Security Limited
  499. Martial-Unit Management Limited
  500. Maxim Services Group Limited
  501. Maxipower FM & Recruitment Ltd
  502. Mayflower Control Limited
  503. MBC Security Limited
  504. MEC Security Limited
  505. Media Events Management Limited
  506. Mega Security Services Limited
  507. Mercia Facilities Management Limited
  508. Mercury Security Management Limited
  509. Metropolis Security Limited
  510. Metropolitan K9 Services Ltd
  511. MHR Security Limited
  512. Micmat Limited
  513. MIG Security & Events Limited (trading as Marsh Barton Security Services)
  514. Milne Management Limited
  515. Milton Keynes Security Services Limited (trading as Milton Keynes Group Security)
  516. Minimal Risk Consultancy Limited
  517. Miris International Limited
  518. Mitie Group Plc (including) Mitie Security Holdings Ltd
  519. MJ Events Support Limited
  520. MJB Security Solutions Limited
  521. Montague Parr Limited
  522. Moorland Site Security Limited
  523. MPW Security Solutions Ltd
  524. MSG Security Limited (trading as Pro-Guard Security)
  525. MSS Group Limited
  526. Multisec (UK) Limited
  527. Music and Arts Security Limited
  528. My Vision Security Limited
  529. Nation Security UK Limited
  530. Nationwide Enforcement Services Limited
  531. NE Security Limited
  532. Neighbourhood Solutions Limited
  533. New Dawn Security & Training Limited
  534. Nisa Security and Services Limited
  535. Noonan Services Group (UK) Limited (incorporating Noonan Services Group (NI) Limited)
  536. Norse Commercial Services Limited
  537. Northern Security Limited
  538. Northern Security National Limited
  539. Nottingham Security Limited
  540. Nova Protection Limited
  541. Novus Altair Limited
  542. NSC 365 Ltd
  543. NSFM 365 Ltd
  544. NSL Limited
  545. Oak Security Services Limited
  546. Oakpark Security Systems Limited
  547. Oakwood Security Solutions Limited
  548. Ocean Securities (UK) Limited
  549. OCS Group (UK) Limited (incorporating Legion Group)
  550. Octaga Security Services Limited
  551. Oculus Security Solutions Limited
  552. Oltec Group Trading Limited (trading as Oltec Group Security Services and AFC Group Security Services)
  553. Olympian Security Services Limited
  554. Olympus Commerical Supplies Limited (trading as Maybank Security)
  555. OM Metropolitan Total Security Limited
  556. Omni Security Services Limited
  557. Onwatch Multifire PLC
  558. Optim Contract Services Limited
  559. Optosafe Limited
  560. Otex Security Services Ltd
  561. Pace Prestige Services Ltd
  562. Pace Security Services Limited
  563. Pagoda Security and Facilities Management Ltd
  564. Palmaris Services Limited
  565. Panad Site Services Limited
  566. Paragon Security Group Ltd
  567. Paramount Security Solutions Ltd
  568. Paramount Stewarding & Security Limited
  569. Paratus Limited
  570. Patrol and Protect Limited
  571. Patronus Security UK Limited
  572. Peace of Mind Security Consultants Limited (trading as SmartGuard Security)
  573. Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems Limited (trading as: PID Systems)
  574. Perimitech Limited (trading as Premier Services)
  575. Peritus Scotland Limited t/a Peritus-Security
  576. Pez Security Limited
  577. Phase One Security Limited
  578. Phoenix Eye Limited (trading as Phoenix Security)
  579. Phoenix Security (Essex) Limited
  580. Phoenix Security Services Limited
  581. PHX Security Limited
  582. Pilgrims Group Limited
  583. Pinnacle PSG Limited
  584. PJI Security Limited
  585. POC Management Limited
  586. Positive Protection Solutions Limited
  587. Post Office Limited
  588. PPE Security Limited
  589. Premier Security 24/7 UK Limited
  590. Premier Security and Events Limited (trading as Premier Sports Security and Events)
  591. Premier Security Services Limited
  592. Premier Support Group (Holdings) Limited (trading as Premier Support Services)
  593. Prestige Guarding Limited
  594. Prevention and Detection (Holdings) Limited
  595. Pride GB Security Services Limited
  596. Primary Security Limited
  597. Prime Media Safety Limited
  598. Prime Security Ltd
  599. Pro K9 Ltd
  600. Pro-Active Recruitment Services Ltd
  601. Professional Alert Security Limited
  602. Professional Bodyguard Association
  603. Professional Canine and Security Limited
  604. Professional Security Management Limited
  605. Professional Witnesses Limited
  606. Proficient Security Limited
  607. Profile Security Services Limited
  608. Proforce Security Services Limited
  609. Proguard Security Services (UK) Limited
  610. Project Security UK Limited (trading as: Prosec UK)
  611. Pro-Secure Limited
  612. Pro-Tec Security Services Limited
  613. Pro-Tect UK Security and Training Limited
  614. Protege Security Limited
  615. Pro-Tex Security Services Limited
  616. Provide SESS Limited
  617. Providence Security Limited
  618. Quick Respond Security Limited
  619. QW Security Limited
  620. R&R Frontline Services Limited
  621. Radius Security Limiteded
  622. Reassurance Security Services Limited
  623. Reay Security Limited (trading as Reay Security)
  624. Red Watch Security Limited
  625. Regency Security Services (UK) Limited
  626. Regent Office Care Limited t/a Regent Samsic
  627. Region Security Guarding Ltd
  628. Reliance Facilities Limited
  629. Relyon Guarding and Security Services Limited
  630. Remote Surveillance Limited
  631. Repton Security Limited
  632. RFA Security Services Limited
  633. RFM Facilities & Interiors Limited
  634. RGM Security Ltd
  635. Richards Events & Recruitment Services Limited
  636. Right Guard Security UK Limited
  637. Risk Management Services (Chiltern) Limited
  638. RJA (UK) Limited
  639. Robertson Facilities Management Limited
  640. Robinson Services Limited
  641. Robson Security Services Ltd
  642. Rock Solid Securities Limited
  643. Rollins Capital Ventures Limited (t/a M.S.S Security)
  644. Royel Security Limited
  645. RS4 Security Ltd
  646. E.S. Limited
  647. S4Security Ltd
  648. Saber Security Limited
  649. Sabre Guarding Limited
  650. Safari Solutions Limited
  651. Safe and Sound UK Limited
  652. Safeguard Security (NE) Limited
  653. Safestyle Security Services Limited
  654. SafetyNet Security Group Limited
  655. Salisbury Security Services Limited
  656. Samdec Limited
  657. Samson Security Limited
  658. Sapphire Management Services UK Limited
  659. SB Security Solutions Limited
  660. Scamp Security Limited
  661. Scope Security Limited
  662. Sector Security Services Limited
  663. Secure At Ease Limited t/a 247 Euro Security
  664. Secure Frontline Services Limited
  665. Secure On Site Private Security Services Ltd
  666. Secure Workforce Limited
  667. Secure World Security Limited
  668. Secure-Ops Limited
  669. Securepro Limited (trading as Securepro Security & Training)
  670. Securetask Security Limited
  671. Securex Limited
  672. Securicall U.K. Limited (trading as Securicall Guarding)
  673. Securigroup Services Limited
  674. Securi-Guard Limited
  675. Securit Group Limited
  676. Securitas Services Holding UK Limited t/a Securitas
  677. Securitay Limited
  678. Security (Cymru) Limited
  679. Security 2000 Limited
  680. Security 4 (Europe) Ltd
  681. Security and Event Solutions lImited
  682. Security and Surveillance UK Limited
  683. Security and Training Services Limited
  684. Security Dog Handling Services Limited
  685. Security Keyholding Ltd
  686. Security Management South West Limited
  687. Security Monitoring Centres Limited (trading as Remote Video Response)
  688. Security Nation Ltd
  689. Security Plus + Limited
  690. Security Projects UK Limited
  691. Security Risk Specialists Limited
  692. Security Scotland Limited
  693. Security Smart Ltd
  694. SecurTeam Limited
  695. Sefton Arc
  696. Select Security (NW) Ltd
  697. Selous Security Ltd
  698. Senator Security South Limited
  699. Sentinel Group Security Limited
  700. Sentra Solutions Limited
  701. Sentry Security Limited
  702. Senturian Security Limited
  703. Serenity Security Solutions Limited
  704. Serjeant Security Limited
  705. Servest Security Services Limited
  706. Service House Limited (trading as Admiral Security Services)
  707. Servoca Secure Solutions Limited
  708. SF Alliance (UK) Limited
  709. SFM (UK) Limited
  710. SGC Holdings Limited t/a SGC Security Services
  711. SHA Security Company Limited (trading as 5K Security)
  712. Shearforce Security Services (UK) Limited
  713. Shetland FM Limited
  714. Shield Security Service Ltd
  715. Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Limited
  716. Shield Security Services Limited
  717. Show and Events Security Limited
  718. Showsec International Limited
  719. Shreeve Protection Services
  720. Sight and Sound Security Solutions Limited
  721. Silurian Security Services Limited
  722. Skysharp Security Services Limited
  723. SLRS Limited (trading as Stealth Security)
  724. Smart Sec Solutions Limited
  725. Smart Solutions (Recruitment) Limited
  726. Smartwatch Solutions Limited
  727. Sodexo Limited
  728. Solution Security Services Limited
  729. SOS Security Services Limited
  730. South West Security Services Limited
  731. Spacecare Limited
  732. Specialist Security Co Limited
  733. Specialized Security Guarding Limited
  734. Spotlight Security Limited
  735. SPS Security Limited
  736. SQR Security Solutions Ltd
  737. Squad Security Limited
  738. SR Security Services Limited
  739. SSG Support Servces Group Limited
  740. SSGC Limited (trading as: Support Services Group)
  741. Stadium Traffic Management Limited
  742. Static Security Services Limited
  743. Steadfast Security Solutions Limited
  744. Steelforce Security UK Limited
  745. Step Up Security Services Limited
  746. STM Group (UK) Limited
  747. Stone Management Group Limited
  748. Limited (trading as SWL Security Services)
  749. StrongGuard Security UK LTD
  750. Sunderland City Council
  751. Supreme Security Solutions UK Limited
  752. Surety Keyholding Limited
  753. Surrey Security Services Limited
  754. Sursec Security Limited
  755. Swift FS Ltd
  756. Sword Security (NI) Limited
  757. Synergy Guards UK Limited
  758. Synergy Security (UK) Ltd
  759. Systematic Security Limited
  760. Class Security Limited
  761. T3 Security Limited
  762. Task Personnel Solutions Limited
  763. Taybar Limited
  764. TC Facilities Management Limited (incorporating Equinox Security Management Limited t/a TC Security Services)
  765. TDR Security Limited
  766. Team Contract Services (Scotland) Limited
  767. Team Security Services Uk Limited
  768. Tearidge Limited (trading as Manguard Plus)
  769. Templewood Security Services Limited
  770. TGS Event Services Limited
  771. TGS Security Specialists Limited
  772. Thames Security Management Limited
  773. The Anvil Group Limited
  774. The Combined Services Provider Limited
  775. The Event + Exhibition Parternship Limited
  776. The Keyholding Company Limited
  777. The MCL Group (INT) Limited
  778. The Protector Group Limited
  779. The Security Group (National) Limited
  780. The Security People Limited
  781. Titan Media Close Protection Limited
  782. Titan Security Solutions Limited
  783. Titans Security Limited
  784. Top Security Rangers UK Limited
  785. Topbrass Security Ltd
  786. Topher Limited
  787. Toptech Security Limited
  788. Total Care Security Limited
  789. Total Watch Security
  790. Tragopan Security Solutions Limited
  791. Treadstone Security Services Limited
  792. Trigion Security Services Limited
  793. Trinity Protection Group Ltd
  794. Triton Security and Facilities Management Limited
  795. TrustOn Limited (trading as TrustOn Security)
  796. TSS (Total Security Services) Limited
  797. Tyler Security Limited
  798. Tyne Tees Security Limited
  799. UGS Nationwide Limited
  800. UK Professional Guarding Limited
  801. UK Security and Events Limited
  802. UK Security Services Limited
  803. UK Star Security Limited
  804. Ultimate Security Services Limited
  805. Ultra Security Guarding Limited
  806. Umbrella Security Solutions Ltd
  807. Unique Frontline Protection Limited
  808. Uniqwin UK Limited
  809. United Avia Services Limited
  810. United Guarding Services Limited
  811. United Protection UK
  812. United Safe Care Limited
  813. Unitrust Protection Services (UK) Limited
  814. Universal Commercial Guarding Limited (trading as Universal Security)
  815. Universal Gurkha Security Services Limited
  816. Urgent Security Group Limited
  817. Venture Security Management Limited
  818. Vespasian Security Limited
  819. Vigilance Properties Limited
  820. Vigilant Security (Scotland) Limited (trading as Croma Vigilant)
  821. Vigilant Security Services UK Limited
  822. Vigilo Training Ltd (trading as Vigilo Solutions)
  823. Vinovium Associates Limited
  824. VIP Security & Event Safety Limited
  825. Vistech Services Limited
  826. Visual Security Services UK Limited
  827. VPS Site Security Limited
  828. Walford Security Limited
  829. Ward Security Holdings Limited
  830. Warlite Security Limited
  831. Watch It Security Services Limited
  832. Westgrove Support Services Limited
  833. Westguard Security Limited
  834. Weston FM Group Ltd
  835. White Star Security Services Limited
  836. Williams Cleaning & Security Group Limited (trading as Watch Security)
  837. Wills Security Services Limited
  838. Wilson James Limited
  839. Winns Security Services Limited
  840. Wise Security Services Limited
  841. Your Security & Resources Limited
  842. Zone Contractors Limited