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Jaimie Alexander born Jaimie Lauren Tarbush, is an American actress. She was born on March 12, 1984 in Greenville, South Carolina but moved with her family to Grapevine, Texas, where she was raised. She is the only girl in a family of five children.

Alexander attended Colleyville Heritage High School, where she was one of the only girls to be on the school’s wrestling team. After her graduation from Colleyville Heritage High School, a year and a half later, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Jaimie starred in her first role in the movie Squirrel Trap. After a few small roles, Jaimie made her breakthrough when she was cast as Hannah Thompson in the low-budget award-winning film The Other Side (2006), and then later in the television series Watch Over Me, playing controversial character Caitlin Porter.

In 2006, she starred in her first two leading roles. The first in the horror film Rest Stop, as a girl who encounters a serial killer while on a trip with her boyfriend, and then in the 2007 horror/thriller Hallowed Ground. Jaimie is most famous for her role on the ABC Family television show Kyle XY, playing Jessi, a girl with superhuman powers who is trying to find her way in the world. While filming Kyle XY, she also made guest appearances on hit shows like Bones and CSI: Miami. In 2010, she joined the cast of television show Nurse Jackie as Jackie’s wild and immature sister-in-law, as well as co-starring with Peter Facinelli in the independent film Loosies.

Jaimie Alexander Age

She was born on March 12, 1984.

Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander

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She began dating actor Peter Facinelli in 2012 after they met on the set of Loosies. They became engaged in March 2015. In February 2016, Alexander and Facinelli announced they had called off their engagement. Jaimie is currently dating Airon Armstrong.

Jaimie Alexander Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoos

She has at least 7 known tattoos:

  • Initial, writing on her forearm
  •  Swirl on her forearm
  •  Initial, writing on her side
  •  Initial, writing on her forearm
  •  writing on her elbow
  •  On her upper arm
  •  Tibetan, writing on he

Jaimie Alexander Body

  • Height:5’9″(175cm)
  • Weight:58 kgs(128 pounds)
  • Bra size:32C
  • Shoe size:8(US)
  • Body measurements:35-25-36

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Jaimie Alexander Hair

Here are her hairstyles that suit her Oval,oblong,square,diamond face.

  • Medium Wavy Casual: The ends of this dark sexy ‘do are jagged cut to give the over-all hairstyle edge and texture. The top is parted on the side with ends flicked out making this a fantastic look to balance out a long face. Product is needed for definition and regular trims will help maintain shape.
  • Short Straight Casual:Layers are jagged cut around the sides and back of this dark mane to lighten the length and gives this style plenty of shape and texture best suited to complement a long face.
  • Short Straight Casual – Dark Brunette:Only long layers are cut around the edges of this short brunette mane then pinched with product to create a textured finish.
  • Short Straight Casual – Black: Layers are cut all around the back and sides of this glossy black mane to create this low-fuss style that is perfect to complement a round face for any occasion.
  • Short Wavy Casual – Dark Brunette (Mocha):A combination of medium to long layers are jagged cut all through the back and sides of this dark brunette mane to achieve a textured feel making it easy to style out with a little product.

Jaimie Alexander And Peter Facinelli

Due to conflicting family and work commitments on different coasts, and after much consideration, they chose to part ways amicably and remain good friends in 2006.

Jaimie Alexander And Sullivan Stapleton

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Jaimie Alexander Wonder Woman

She has super powers in real life that she picked up from her roles as Thor’s battle partner Lady Sif in Marvel’s films or as Jane, the tattooed mystery woman of NBC’s “Blindspot,” was most likely just born with these abilities: She can photographically memorize things and read minds.
Her talent and those “superpowers” have served her well. She was just out of high school when she filled in for a sick friend at a meeting with a scouting agency, and that led her to a career in acting. Alexander chooses roles that speak to her, and for those that don’t, she isn’t shy about recommending another actor she thinks is best for the job.

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Jaimie Alexander Blindspot

Blindspot is an American crime drama television series created by Martin Gero, starring Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander.She plays the role of Jane Doe and Remi-only in flashbacks-in Seasons 1, 2 and 3.The series first performed on September 21, 2015. A back nine order was given on October 9, 2015, bringing the first season to a total of 22 episodes, plus an additional episode bringing the order to 23 episodes.On May 10, 2017, NBC renewed the series for a third season, which premiered on October 27, 2017.[ On May 10, 2018, NBC renewed the series for a fourth season.

Jaimie Alexander Thor Ragnarok

Jaimie Alexander explains why Thor: Ragnarok is missing Sif

Updated:October 28, 2017 

A lot of familiar faces return for Thor: Ragnarok, the third solo outing for Chris Hemsworth‘s Asgardian Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One who is not is Lady Sif, even though she’s been a figure in Thor and its sequel, Thor: The Dark World. Jaimie Alexander recently revealed why and, as is typical with actors juggling multiple projects, it all comes down to timing.

“I was asked, but the timing of when they were going to shoot and when Blindspot was gonna shoot — it was pretty much the same time,” Alexander told Yahoo Movies, noting her NBC series’ production schedule. “So there was a conflict there. I was hoping for more of a notice from [the studio] so I could make it work, but it was a short notice thing. They called and said, ‘Hey, by the way, would you come do this?’ I said there is no way I can make that work that fast.”

She “tried,” the Blindspot star continued, but “it couldn’t happen. They were on a different continent.” She added, “So it was sad. I was bummed about it.”

When Marvel released the first image from Thor: Ragnarok — a piece of concept art highlighting Cate Blanchett’s Hela — fans were disappointed to see Alexander’s name missing from the cast list. She replied to one of them on Twitter, writing, “Don’t worry 😉 ….” Sadly, it wasn’t in the stars for this one.

Thor: Ragnarok gets its name from the end of days in Norse mythology. By impersonating his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), on the Asgard throne, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) inadvertently brings about the return of Hela, the Goddess of Death. She makes quick work of Thor, shattering his hammer and knocking him through space to the planet Sakaar, where he finds his “friend from work,” Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) fighting in a gladiatorial arena.

Also featured are Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, once an elite warrior for Asgard; Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, who’s running the place on Sakaar; and Karl Urban as Skurge, a henchman of Hela.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige addressed Sif’s absence earlier in an interview with Collider. “If she had been on Asgard, she might not be alive, so that’s one of the advantages,” he said.

Alexander mentioned how she’d love to return as Sif if the occasion called for it. “I love Marvel. I’d be happy to do other projects with them at any time,” she said. “They’re a great company — I love all the guys and girls over there — they always are able to get a really fun cast for almost every project they have, which is often. And, of course, who doesn’t want to be a superhero?”


Jaimie Alexander Movies and TV Shows

Jaimie Alexander Movies

  • London Fields
  • Broken Vows
  • Savannah
  • The Last Stand
  • Collision
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Loosies
  • Thor
  • Love & Other Drugs
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Rest Stop
  • The Other Side
  • Squirrel Trap

TV Shows

  • 2015–present – Blindspot
  • 2015 – The Brink
  • 2014–15 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • 2014 – Under the Gunn
  • 2012 – Perception
  • 2011 – Nurse Jackie
  • 2011 – Covert Affairs
  • 2011 – The Birds of Anger
  • 2009 – Bones
  • 2009 – CSI: Miami
  • 2007–09 – Kyle XY
  • 2006–07 – Watch Over Me
  • 2006 – Standoff
  • 2005 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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