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John Prine Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Albums and Songs

John Prine Biography

John Prine is an American country/folk singer-songwriter. He was born on October 10, 1946 to William Prine and Verna Hamm.

John’s parents, William Prine and Verna Ham Prine migrated from Paradise, Kentucky in 1934, joining the many others chasing work in the industrial north. They settled in the west Chicago suburb of Maywood, and raised four boys. John and his brothers – David, Doug and Billy – grew up in a close, loving extended family where country music, the Grand Ol’ Opry, good Southern cooking, and annual visits ‘home’ to Kentucky were as naturally part of their lives as Chicago hot dogs and baseball.

In the late 1960s, after a 2-year tour of duty in Germany, Prine worked as a mailman in his own Maywood neighborhood. He passed mail delivery time by making up songs, and soon began singing those songs in Chi-town clubs.

In 1970, Prine was playing a Chicago club called the Fifth Peg when a young reporter named Roger Ebert walked in, listened and understood. Soon, Kris Kristofferson walked into a gig at the same bar, encouraged by Prine’s friend and comrade, Steve Goodman. Prine thought he was done playing that night, but Kristofferson took a chair from off the top of a table and asked to hear some of his songs. The resulting all-night session left ristofferson muttering, “He’s so good, we’re gonna have to break his fingers,” but instead of breaking his fingers he served as a megaphone to the world for Prine, who soon garnered a record deal and released the self-titled album that came out in 1971.

He has collaborated with musical heroes from Bruce Springsteen to Mac Wiseman, and has been name-checked in songs by Country Music Hall of Famer, Vince Gill, and contemporary country songbird Kacey Musgraves.

John’s music has stayed as relevant as ever. A song called ‘Paradise’ written by John, for his father, and was a track on his 1971 debut album, has recently reappeared in the headlines. The song is about the devastating impact of coal strip mining, with references to Peabody Coal Company, who, before declaring bankruptcy in 2016 , had fought to keep the lyrics to ‘Paradise’ from a lawsuit.

Prine is an Americana Music Honors & Awards winner for lifetime achievement in songwriting and was recently awarded the prestigious PEN Lyrics Award. He continues to record and perform at sold out shows all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

Following the 2015 death of his dear friend and business partner Al Bunetta, John Prine is now President and sole owner of Oh Boy Records.

John Prine Age

He was born on October 10, 1946.

John Prine Wife

Prine currently resides in Nashville with his third wife, Fiona Whelan. They have three children, stepson Jody Whelan, Tommy and Jack.

John Prine Net Worth

He has an estimated Net Worth of $300 Million.

John Prine

John Prine

John Prine Albums

Prine classic albums include, Diamonds in the Rough (1972) Bruised Orange (1978) Storm Windows (1986) The Missing Years (1991) In Spite of Ourselves (1999) and Fair & Square (2005).

John Prine Songs

  • Angel From Montgomery
  • Sam Stone
  • Paradise
  • Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
  • Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore
  • Illegal Smile
  • Hello in There
  • That’s the Way That the World Goes Round
  • Spanish Pipedream
  • Please Don’t Bury Me
  • Some Humans Ain’t Human
  • Jesus the Missing Years
  • Dear Abby
  • Christmas in Prison
  • Donald and Lydia
  • Lake Marie
  • The Great Compromise
  • Fish and Whistle
  • It’s a Big Old Goofy World
  • Crazy as a Loon
  • Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
  • Grandpa Was a Carpenter
  • Far From Me
  • In Spite of Ourselves
  • Unwed Fathers
  • Mexican Home
  • Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
  • She Is My Everything
  • Long Monday
  • The Late John Garfield Blues
  • Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
  • Six O’Clock News

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