Julia Roberts Biography

Julia Roberts born Julia Fiona Roberts, is an American actress and producer. She was born on 28th of october, 1967 in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in the small town Smyrna, Georgia, USA.

She attended Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School, Griffin Middle School, and Campbell High School. After graduating from Smyrna’s Campbell High School, she attended Georgia State University but did not graduate.

When Julia was only four years old, her parents got divorced because of financial difficulties. Her mother Betty-Lou stayed in Smyrna with her two daughters, while her father Walter decided to move back to Atlanta together with sixteen year old Eric. When Julia was ten years old, March 1978, her father died of cancer. In school, the children teased her because of her thick glasses and her big mouth. At first she took it pretty hard but then she decided to take advantage of her looks. She accepted her big mouth and instead made it her trademark. She showed her beautiful, hazel eyes by using contact lenses instead of hiding them behind thick glasses.

Early-on, Julia had planned on becoming a veterinarian and had little interest in acting. After graduating from Campbell High School in Smyrna, Julia joined her sister Lisa and brother Eric in New York to go to theater school. Before she got into acting she worked at Baskin-Robbins and at Athlete’s Foot. Later on, she signed with the modeling agency “Click” and she stayed with them until her brother Eric who was already into acting, landed her her first film role in the movie “Blood Red”. The movie didn’t go well at all but people started talking about her in Hollywood. In 1988 she played a pizza waitress in “Mystic Pizza” and then she co-starred with Liam Neeson in “Satisfaction”.  One year later she starred in “Steel Magnolias” opposite her fiancé at that time, Dylan McDermott. Just before “Steel Magnolias” Julia got sick and she was still recovering from her illness when the shooting started. This didn’t stop the director Herbert Ross from saying bad things about her acting, mostly in front of people, but he got quiet when Julia was Oscar-nominated for her part.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

In 1991, Julia decided to take a break. For two long years she totally disappeared from the big screen with a small exception and “The Player” (1992), and everybody was asking, where did Pretty Woman go? In 1993, she came back with a bang, this time in the thriller “The Pelican Brief”, based on the book by John Grisham which he wrote with Julia in mind as the main character Darby Shaw. The movie was a comeback for Julia and it went well in the cinemas. During filming of the movie (June ’93).

In the summer of 1997, Julia appeared in “Conspiracy Theory” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. In 2000, Julia started her filmmaking love affair with Steven Soderbergh in “Erin Brockovich”. It was to be her first in a line of four movies with the director. (Erin Brockovich, Full Frontal, Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12).

Julia Roberts Age

She was born on 28th of october, 1967.

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Roberts was estimated to be $140 million as of 2007.

Julia Roberts Parents

Her mother Betty-Lou, was an actress and a church secretary, her father Walter, worked as a vacuum cleaner salesman, writer and an actor. Her parents married in 1955. Her mother filed for divorce in 1971; the divorce was finalized in early 1972. Her father died of cancer when she was ten.

In 1972, her mother married Michael Motes, who was abusive and often unemployed; Roberts despised him. The couple had a daughter, Nancy Motes, who died at 37 on February 9, 2014, of an apparent drug overdose. The marriage ended in 1983, with Betty Lou divorcing Motes on cruelty grounds; she had stated that marrying him was the biggest mistake of her life.

Julia Roberts Family

Husband Danny Moder, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (born November 28, 2004). Mother Betty Lou, siblings Eric, Lisa & Nancy.

Julia Roberts Siblings – Julia Roberts Brother

She was the youngest of three siblings, with older brother Eric and sister Lisa. Her older brother, Eric Roberts, and sister Lisa Roberts Gillan are also actors.

Julia Roberts Husband

Julia Roberts was previously married to country singer Lyle Lovett; the wedding took place on June 25, 1993, at St. James Lutheran Church in Marion, Indiana. They separated in March 1995 and subsequently divorced.

On July 4, 2002, Roberts and cameraman Daniel Moder wed at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico.

Julia Roberts Kids – Julia Roberts Children

Together with her husband cameraman Daniel Moder, they have three children: twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter Moder who were born on November 28, 2004 and son, Henry Daniel Moder who was born on June 18, 2007.

Julia Roberts Family
Julia Roberts Family

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Julia Roberts Friends

Julia Roberts  is good friends with Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Natalie Portman, David Letterman, and Dave Matthews.

Julia Roberts Oscar Awards

She was nominated for the Academy Awards in the year 1989 for the Best Supporting Actress for ‘Steel Magnolias’. In 1990 she was also nominated for Best Actress for ‘Pretty Woman’. In 2000 Julia Roberts won the Oscar award for the Best Actress for ‘Erin Brockovich’. In 2013 she was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for ‘August: Osage County’.

Julia Roberts House

Julia Roberts has three homes. Her house in Malibu, California is over 6,000 square feet home with a stunning view of the ocean. She bought it for $6.4 million in 2003.

Julia Roberts House
Julia Roberts House

Julia Roberts Movies list – Julia Roberts Films

  • Mirror, Mirror – 2012
  • Larry Crowne – 2011
  • Eat, Pray, Love – 2010
  • Valentine’s Day – 2010
  • Duplicity – 2009
  • Fireflies in the Garden – 2008
  • Charlie Wilson’s War – 2007
  • Charlotte’s Web – 2006
  • Ant Bully – 2006
  • Ocean’s Twelve – 2004
  • Closer – 2004
  • Mona Lisa Smile – 2003
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – 2002
  • Full Frontal – 2002
  • Ocean’s Eleven – 2001
  • America’s Sweethearts – 2001
  • The Mexican – 2001
  • Erin Brockovich – 2000
  • Runaway Bride – 1999
  • Notting Hill – 1999
  • Stepmom – 1998
  • Conspiracy Theory – 1997
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding – 1997
  • Everyone Says I Love You – 1996
  • Michael Collins – 1996
  • Mary Reilly – 1996
  • Something to Talk About – 1995
  • Ready to Wear (Prêt-a-Porter) – 1994
  • I Love Trouble – 1994
  • The Pelican Brief – 1993
  • The Player – 1992
  • Hook – 1991
  • Dying Young – 1991
  • Sleeping with the Enemy – 1991
  • Flatliners – 1990
  • Pretty Woman – 1990
  • Steel Magnolias – 1989
  • Blood Red – 1989
  • Mystic Pizza – 1988
  • Baja Oklahoma – 1988
  • Satisfaction – 1988
  • Firehouse – 1987

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