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Tobymac Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Son, Net Worth, Albums and Songs

Tobymac Biography

TobyMac born Kevin Michael McKeehan, is a Christian hip hop recording artist, music producer, songwriter and author. He was born October 22, 1964 in Fairfax, Virginia.

Toby formed DC Talk with Michael Tait in 1987, at Liberty University. He and Tait released Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm in 1988, while they recruited classmate, Kevin Max Smith. The three set out on tour after they released their first album in 1989, DC Talk. In 1990, they released their first gold album, Nu Thang. After the Nu Thang tour, they recorded their first platinum album, Free at Last. The Free at Last Tour was a success. They were invited to play on The Jay Leno Show and The Arsenio Hall Show, getting mainstream attention.

They released their first single for their next album, which immediately became a hit single. The album, Jesus Freak, which they released in 1995, went multi-platinum and led to the extremely popular Jesus Freak World Tour. They eventually released the tour CD, Welcome to the Freakshow. In 1996, “Between You and Me” reached No. 29 on the Hot 100. The tour ended in success in time for Supernatural, which would be their last album. The album would sell platinum. They then went solo in 2001.

In 2001, TobyMac released his first solo album titled Momentum. McKeehan composed and recorded the song “Extreme Days” for the 2001 Truth Builder Productions film Extreme Days, which was featured on the Momentum album. The song “Extreme Days” was used in the movie Hangman’s Curse, based on the popular book by Frank Peretti. His song “Get This Party Started” was featured on an episode of the TV show Roswell.

TobyMac has written two books with Michael Tait and Kevin Max, Jesus Freaks: DC Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs – Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus, the Ultimate Jesus Freaks, and Jesus Freaks: Revolutionaries: Stories of Revolutionaries Who Changed Their World: Fearing GOD, Not Man. These books are mainly focused on Christian martyrs. Toby Mac has also written two more books with Michael Tait, one titled, Under God, containing stories of America’s spiritual battles, and another book called Living Under God: Discovering Your Part in God’s Plan. TobyMac has written a fifth book called City on Our Knees. The book is about how Christians past and present have set aside differences, come together in unity, and stepped forward in action and prayer.

Tobymac Age

He was born October 22, 1964.

Tobymac Wife

Tobymac and his wife Amanda Levy McKeehan were married in 1994. Amanda comes from Jamaica and is the daughter of Judy and Robert Levy, of Jamaica Broilers fame.

Tobymac Family

He and wife, Amanda McKeehan have a family of five children, including adopted twins. They are; Truett, born on September 4, 1998; twins Moses and Marlee, adopted in 2002; Leo, born on November 2, 2004, and Judah, born March 24, 2006.

Toby Mac Son

This information is being updated.

Tobymac Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Tobymac Albums

  • Momentum – 2001
  • Welcome to Diverse City – 2004
  • Portable Sounds – 2007
  • Tonight – 2010
  • Christmas in Diverse City – 2011
  • Eye on It – 2012
  • This Is Not a Test – 2015

TobyMac Songs

  • Me Without You
  • Speak Life
  • Feel It
  • Lights Shine Bright
  • Til the Day I Die
  • Lose My Soul
  • Love Broke Thru
  • Backseat Driver
  • City on Our Knees
  • Move
  • Steal My Show
  • Made to Love
  • Eye On It
  • Beyond Me
  • This Is Not A Test
  • Thankful For You
  • Funky Jesus Music
  • Get Back Up
  • Love Feels Like
  • Forgiveness
  • Like A Match
  • Christmas This Year
  • Boomin’
  • The Slam
  • Burn for You
  • Feelin’ So Fly
  • Showstopper
  • Unstoppable
  • Bring On The Holidays
  • Hey Devil
  • Gone
  • I’m For You

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