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Alison King Biography, Filmography, Husband

Alison King Biography

Alison King (Alison Rosamund King) was born on 3rd March 1973 in Leicester, United Kingdom. She is a model and a actress popularly known for her role as Carla Connor in Coronation Street.

Alison King Age

  • She was born on 3rd March 1973 ( 44 years as at 20170

Alison King Movies and TV Shows

  • 2000: Scooter Mum
  • 2003: Shanghai Knights
  • 2004: Fat Slags
  • 2005: Submerged
  • 2006: Final Contract: Death on Delivery
  • 2007: Back in Business
  • 2007: Save Angel Hope
  • 2008: All Day Breakfast
  • 2008: Last Chance
  • 1998: Brookside
  • 1998 – 2002, 2003, 2005 – 2006. 2007: Dream Team
  • 2000: Cold Feet
  • 2001: Urban Gothic
  • 2001: Coupling
  • 2002: Cutting It
  • 2002: Celeb
  • 2003: Holby City
  • 2003: Murphy’s Law
  • 2003: Doctors
  • 2004: Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
  • 2004: Coronation Street
  • 2005: Help
  • 2005: Mile High
  • Since 2006: Coronation Street
  • 2017: Sick Note

Alison King Coronation Street

Alison King joined Coronation Street in 2006 as Carla Connor. INn 2004 she had appeared as an unrelated character named Mrs. Fanshaw.

She went on maternity leave in 2009. King’s role in the soap involved high-profile storylines. In 2010, she was involved in the death of Tony Gordon storyline, in which she had to be kidnapped in the Underworld factory. For these scenes, she had to be tied to a chair with her hands tied behind her back and have her mouth gagged with gaffer tape.

In 2011, Alison King character was raped by her boyfriend, Frank Foster. This storyline had a massive public impact and saw a high rise in reported rapes across the United Kingdom. King spoke of how there was an 800% increase in calls to support organisations after the storyline had aired, and that people had contacted her about their real-life experiences, some of whom she has kept in communication with. Her performance in the rape storyline led to a Best Actress award at the 2012 British Soap Awards.

Alison King Husband

In 2006 Alison King got engaged to fellow actor Jim Alexander who co-starred in several series of Dream Team with her, as well as the Daz adverts. However, the pair split in early 2007.

She began dating Adam Huckett in April 2007, on 11th February 2008 their daughter, Daisy Mae, was born. In September 2011 they became engaged while on a trip to Paris, however, on 16 October 2012 it was reported that the engagement was off as they had split up.

She has been dating Hollyoaks assistant director Paul Slavin since 2016. The relationship was revealed after they were photographed by the press and there was speculation as to his identity.