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Ian Hislop (David Hislop) was born on 13th July 1960 in Mumbles, United Kingdom. He is a British journalist, satirist, writer, broadcaster and editor of the magazine Private Eye.

Ian Hislop Height

Ian Hislop
Ian Hislop
  • His height is 5ft 6in (1.68m)


Ian Hislop Private Eye

At Oxford, Hislop revived and edited the magazine Passing Wind, for which he interviewed Richard Ingrams, who was then editor of Private Eye, and Peter Cook, then the majority shareholder. Hislop’s first article appeared in 1980 before he sat his university finals. A parody of The Observer magazine’s “Room of My Own” feature, it described an IRA prisoner on the dirty protest decorating his cell in “fetching brown”. Hislop joined the publication immediately after leaving Oxford, and became editor in 1986 following Ingrams’s departure.

As editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop is reputedly the most sued man in English legal history, although he is not involved in as many libel actions as he once was. A libel case was brought against Private Eye and Hislop in 1986 by the publisher Robert Maxwell after the magazine accused him of funding Labour leader Neil Kinnock’s travel expenses as a means of gaining a peerage. After the case Hislop quipped: “I’ve just given a fat cheque to a fat Czech”. After his death in 1991, Maxwell was revealed to be an
extensive fraudster, illegally drawing on his companies’ pension funds; his last writ for libel against the Eye and Hislop was about this “malicious” and “mendacious” claim.


Ian Hislop Books

  • 2015: Private Eye Annual 2015 (Annuals)
  • 2006: Have I Got News for You
  • 2006: The Wipers Times: The Complete Series of the Famous Wartime Trench Newspaper
  • 2000: Son of Blair: The Sequel : Further Letters from the Vicar, the Rev. A.R.P. Blair MA (Oxon)
  • 1998: St. Albion Parish News
  • 2017: A Bunch of Amateurs
  • 1991: Stress, Distress, and Illness
  • 1987: Battle for Britain

Ian Hislop Net Worth

  • His networth is estimatedly £8 million ($10 million) as of 2017.


He was born to a Scottish father, David Hislop, from Ayrshire, and a Channel Islander mother born in Jersey, Helen Rosemarie née Beddows.

Ian Hislop Wife

On 16th April 1988 he married Victoria Hamson, who is an author. They have two children Emily Helen Hislop (born 1990) and William David Hislop(born 1993).

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