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Atz Kilcher Biography, Age, Wives, Children and Net Worth

Atz Kilcher Biography

Atz Kilcher was born on September 2, 1947 and raised in Homer, Alaska. His father and mother, Yule and Ruth emigrated from Switzerland in the late 1930’s, joining some of Homer’s earliest pioneer/homesteaders.

On the remote homestead, with no road in the early days, wood and coal for heating and cooking, and a Coleman lantern or kerosene lamp for light, the Kilcher family entertained themselves and each other with songs, stories, plays, and poetry, as well as many arts and crafts. Atz’s mother home schooled all of the children until a road was built, allowing the children to attend public school. Teaching creativity was an important part of the curriculum. Ruth was also a trained classical singer, who had great promise herself, before coming to Alaska.

Atz was born after his parents, Yule and Ruth, escaped Hitler’s stronghold on Eastern Europe and moved to the wilderness. The oldest male of eight children, Atz considers himself the protector of the family. Among countless other things, he must protect his brother Otto’s herd from the wide range of meat hungry predators where they graze. South Central Alaska is home to black bear, brown bear, wolves and coyotes that all consider Otto’s cattle their own meat supply. It is Atz Sr.’s job to ensure that is not the case. Were the predators to have their way, Otto’s herd would be decimated in a season. Atz, the range-rider, refuses to allow that to happen.

Atz Kilcher

Atz Kilcher

Atz keeps a home at the homestead, but spends most of his time in the summer at the head of the bay, the summer range, either by himself or accompanied by his wife, Bonnie. The head of the bay provides Atz with shelter, water and salmon for him to remain content and free from any contact with the outside world. He is free to watch over the cattle, play music, weave baskets, and most importantly, stockpile his needs for the winter.

In the 50’s and 60’s, the Kilcher family performed in Alaska and Europe. All of Atz’s seven siblings are musical. Many of them have recorded original songs, and have performed.

Many of the third, and even fourth generation, are also quite talented as well.
Best known perhaps is Jewel, the singer, who also happens to be Atz’s daughter. His grand niece, Q’orianka, recently made her film debut as Pocahontas, starring Colin Farrell, in the film, “The New World”.

Atz Kilcher Age

He was born on September 2, 1947.

Atz Kilcher Wives

Atz Kilcher is married to Bonnie Dupree. Together, they have a son, Nikos Kilcher who is a part of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier.’ Atz was previously married to Lenedra J. Carroll who is the actual mother of Atz’s three children, Atz Lee Kilcher, Jewel and Shane Kilcher. They parted their ways in 1982.

Atz Kilcher Children

Atz is father to four children. His oldest, Shane, recently moved back to the homestead with his family. His daughter, Jewel, acquired the musical talents of the family, left the homestead at a young age and became a worldwide pop and country music star. Today, she lives with her son in Nashville, TN. His youngest sons, Atz Lee and Nikos, still live on the homestead today.

Atz Kilcher Net Worth

He was an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

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