Talented actor Mohit Malik looks forward to this new phase in the storyline in his popular Star Plus show, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkyasstha.

A new phase, where his character Sikandar will call the shots and dictate terms with his opportunistic and cruel wife, Lovely essayed by Anjali Anand.

Says Mohit, “Sikandar has his task cut out and is in search of Kulfi. On the other hand, Amyrah is very sick. At this juncture, Sikandar has gotten to know of Lovely having poisoned Amyrah. He already is aware that Lovely has sent Kulfii to some other place on the pretext of sending her to a boarding school. It will now be interesting for the audience to see how Sikandar treats Lovely (smiles).”

“Viewers will now see a new Sikandar who will not anymore cry. He will be dominant and will react very strongly to whatever has happened. He will put Lovely in her place in a very interesting manner. This week’s telecast will really be interesting. He will not anymore take crap from Lovely, and that is for sure. He will be standing up for his daughters, doing things which are right for them,” exclaims Mohit.

Ask him more on the manner in which he will treat Lovely now, and he avers, “He will push Lovely to the backseat. This new Sikandar will be loved by one and all.”

Way to go, Mohit!!